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Powerpoint haiku

Jazz up a boring haiku unit by having the kids make PowerPoint slides.

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Powerpoint haiku

  1. 1. Powerpoint Haiku by Mrs. Glowski’s 6th Grade Class at Norris Prep
  2. 2. Stars Stars are real shiny They glitter in the night sky Like real shiny diamonds By Michelle
  3. 3. French Fries By Jesse French Fries are crunchy French fries are golden as gold French fries are delicious
  4. 4. Puppies I love my puppy She is so soft and cuddly Puppies are so cute Veronica Lee
  5. 5. Candy I enjoy candy I think candy is yummy I could eat it all Ayesha
  6. 6. Blue Jay Blue as ! b"ght sky My fea#ers are light as air “Momma,” I caw caw by Zoe
  7. 7. Psycho cat Here comes psycho cat Psycho cat destroys everything Be very scared Michael B.
  8. 8. Tigers Tigers are fearsome They can crush you with their jaws I want to ride one Andy Jensen
  9. 9. Music Music is pretty I listen to it with my ears I love it so much Cameron
  10. 10. Hannah Montana by Hunter You are annoying You’re dumb songs make my ears bleed I hate your show too
  11. 11. Ducklings by Ryley Look I can swim now I paddle all around the pond Soon I will be big
  12. 12. Bunnies So soft and fluffy They are cute and white and soft I love it so much by Sara C.
  13. 13. Soccer Soccer is the best You kick the black and white ball Soccer is awesome by Crenshaw T. Allen
  14. 14. Mcdonalds I love Mcdonalds The cheeseburgers are so yummy They make me get fat Nickolas
  15. 15. Sunsets The sun disappears Into the red and orange night Goodbye it whispers by Nayla
  16. 16. Justin Beiber You are in my dreams Each night when I close my eyes Baby Baby oooh Franchesca Carlisle
  17. 17. Friends Monica Friends are important The outside doesn’t matter Inside is what counts