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  1. 1. FOR A BUSINESS CUM CASUAL LOOKSchuhe are often neglected. However, it is very important to choosethe right footwear for different occasions and always have themspotlessly clean and shining.Schuhe should be worn to match the outfit you have chosen. Theydo not have to be designer wear but they can be in vogue. humor jeans- Delzu iceman jeans J.Lindeberg JeansThe basics of men’s Schuhe are a shiny pair of dress schuhe, acomfortable pair of sandals and a pair of attention grabbing boots.Oxfords are men’s dress Schuhe. They are available in differentstyles and colors. They are fitted below the ankles and may or maynot have laces. In brown and oxblood, they can match jeans, khakisor even suits. Loafers are low-cut, broad and moccasin type. Theyhave a wide, flat heel. Unlike Oxfords, loafers do not look good onall men.
  2. 2. bzr by bruuns bazar Dr.Denim jeans Gabba Jeans-Zak jeansA square toe is the shoe meant for business cum pleasure outings. Itis dressy, as well as casual enough. These can be worn with a suitor with jeans and look good either way. This is footwear that is moresquare and broad than narrow and round. The wedge heel seems tobe in fashion these days. Wedge heels are part of the shoe ratherthan a separate heel. Try to go in for a rubber sole rather than awooden sole. These can be worn for formal as well as casual look. Ifyou want the casual look only, try ankle boots that have laces, Velcrostrip or elastic band. There is a fashionable loafer available that is aslip-on with an elastic band in front and on the sides. Laces incasual and formal Schuhe are thin ones.
  3. 3. G-star-3301 slim G-star-3301 straight G-star-3301 straight jeans jeans jeansA blazer and a sports coat can be worn as jackets. Jackets lookdressy as well as casual. They can be worn with jeans or withflannel pants or trousers. They do not have to be worn with anyparticular type of outfit like a suit. The classy navy blue blazer withgold buttons is a great look. Choose a blazer with the right fit.Leather jackets look good on boys. Young men may want to buythemselves a riding jacket that keeps out the cold as well as thewind. The winter jacket is warm and may be lined with fur. Somejackets come with attachable hoodies.
  4. 4. G-star-leaves loose G-star-morris low G-star-riley lossejeans straight jeans tapered jeansA great casual cum business look would be a pair of well-fittingjeans, a well-tailored jacket and a good pair of Schuhe. jack&jones jeans jeans iceman jeans minimum CONTACT US
  5. 5. Krokamp 128 24539 Neumünster Deutschland