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Math assessment


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Math assessment

  1. 1. MATH REVIEW<br />Name: ___________________________________________________list #____<br />Date: _________________________________________________________6°___<br />(For each problem: formula, substitution, process, operation, answer.)<br />Area of a parallelogram. (b×h)<br />1) A= 2) A= <br /> B=25cm b=124cm <br /> H=12cm h=1.5cm <br />3)If the base is 2.15m and the height is 1.2m what is the area of the wall and how much will it cost to put wall paper if each meter cost $25.00? A=________________<br />Area of a triangle (b×h÷2)<br />4) A= 5) A=<br /> B=15m b=16.2m <br /> H=20m h= 23m <br />6)Tony has a kite and he wants to cover it with contact. The base is 2.3m and the height is 3.7m.<br />How much contact will he need? If each meter of contact costs $2.25 how much will he spend on contact? A=_________________<br />Circumference of a circle (π×d)<br />7) C= 8) C=<br /> π= 3.14 π=3.14<br /> d=16cm r=3.4cm<br />9) Thelma has a circled shaped farm. She wants to place a fence around it. The radio is 25m. How much will she spend if each meter of fence costs $15.50? A=_________________<br />Area of a circle (πr2)<br />10) Area of a circle= 11) Area f a circle=<br /> π=3.14 π= 3.14 <br /> r=25cm d=36m<br />12) The school has a play and needs to cover a circle shaped window. It’s diameter is 40m and the material to cover the window costs $12.00 for each m2. How much money will they spend for the material?<br />Complete the chart.<br />(Simplify)<br />Decimal / Fraction / or %<br /> <br />13)________ 34 _________<br />14)________ ________ 40%<br />15) 0.25 ________ _________<br />Answer from the graph. Change to %, decimals, or fractions if you need to.<br />This is a graph that shows the % of pizza each kid ate!<br />16) Who ate 0.25 of the pizza?<br />A=____________________<br />17) Which 2 boys ate together 0.65 of the pizza?<br />A=________________________________________<br />18) Which 2 boys ate 25 of the pizza?<br />A=_________________________________________<br />Write each information given in: ratio form, fraction, decimal, and percent.<br />19) Tuesday 27 out of 28 students came from.<br />A=________________________________________<br />20) Wednesday 19 out of 28 students came to school in.<br />A=___________________________________________<br />21) Thursday 15 out of 28 students came to school.<br />A=____________________________________________<br />