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unWired Jan 2014

  1. 1. UNWired P1 Spotlight Web – A Limitless Platform P3 Customer Showcase Maybank Kim Eng awarded three consecutive years JAN 2014 P4 Facts post Global View Web – A Limitless Platform Author: Market Simplified Web Consultant – Tinku Sampath Executive Summary Web which can be the biggest, yet unpredictable, fragmented open platform which directly interacts with end-user ecosystem advances in terms of adoption and innovations more than any technology layer. How you analyze its advancements, early adoption and tame its matured innovations to satisfy demands can be the key to any business. Goodbye pages, welcome states In a web application without JavaScript, state sequence is equivalent to pages; in a SPI application any partial change implies a new "state" of "the page". Among states we can distinguish two categories of states: Fundamental States and Secondary States. Differencing between both state types is very important, because fundamental states will become web pages when needed. Fundamental and secondary differentiation is web site dependent.
  2. 2. Web – A Limitless Platform Javascript is now an isomorphic language Any given line of code (with notable exceptions) can execute both on the client and the server using a Resource-View-Presenter pattern unlike MVC based patterns. By decoupling the Model and the view we allow for both ephemeral and persistent views. A thin view is consistent with modern logic-less templating engines. Assuming a persistent Presenter and Model both on the Client and Server enables encapsulation of real-time functionality in Presenters on both sides. Writing large applications, encapsulating and reusing components of those applications across the client and the server are made simpler with this pattern. Rising use of Web API’s Access native features of mobile phones in mobile web browser using javascript without using native wrapper. Web API is an effort by Mozilla to bridge together the gap, and have consistent APIs that will work in all web browsers, no matter the operating system. Specification drafts and implementation prototypes will be available, and it will be submitted to W3C for standardization. Security is a very important factor here, and it will be a mix of existing security measurements (e.g. asking the user for permission, like Geo-location) or coming up with new alternatives to ensure this. Built around SOA architecture and powered by Market Simplified platform, NSE Now Touch is a scalable real-time web based solution for multiple front end distribution channels which includes mobile phones, desktops, tablets, kiosks, and digital display. To view: CLICK HERE Source: [1] [2] [3]
  3. 3. Maybank Kim Eng awarded three consecutive years - Best Mobile Platform Best Mobile Phone Platform 2011, 2012 & 2013 Need: MayBank Kim Eng Securities in Singapore believed that technology will continue to provide the necessary impetus for the organization to retain its competitive edge. Access to real time market information and transaction capability across all mobile devices was a compelling need. Solution: Mobile solution developed for Maybank Kim Eng included; - Detailed prototyping & iterative evaluation to achieve perfection - A perfect technology blend of backend, middleware, frontend services for seamless experience delivery - Localized understanding of customer requirement leading to multifold customer adoption and engagement growth.
  4. 4. FACTSpost Global consumers save or invest an average of 10% of their monthly income Source: Road to Financial Goals - Nielsen Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content each minute Source: Data Never Sleeps Twitter users send 400Million tweets each day Source: Big Data to engage new consumer 49% of worldwide online consumers make purchases online Source: Fewer Shopping Trips, More Interactions - Nielsen CONNECT WITH MARKET SIMPLIFIED ON Linked-in | Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus | Pinterest gomobi l e@marketsi mpli fi ed.com | + 91 044 3090 3090 | W W W .MARKETSIMPLIFIED.C OM