West Fresno Health Care Coalition


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West Fresno Health Care Coalition

  2. 2. SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES As an agency West Fresno Health Care Coalition addresses a variety of social justice issues such as: Environmental health Health disparities Lack of access to healthcare Access to nutrient and affordable foods (i.e fruits and vegetables) Access to green spaces(i.e parks and gardens) Affordable housing
  3. 3. WFHCC ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Community Health Board of Directors Yolanda Randles (Executive Director) Janice Mathurin (Director of Operations)Body & Soul Nutrition /Obesity Prevention Improving diabetes care for seniors Health Insurance Enrollment (Toni Wilson) (Karlton Brown) (Christina Rodriguez) (Patricia Mendoza) Brenda Escobedo Myeshia Griddine Diane Saltos Daniel Maynez (Intern) (Intern) (Intern) (Intern)
  4. 4. AT-RISK POPULATIONS West Fresno Health Care Coalition gears their services towards:  Low Income Families  Seniors  African Americans  Hispanics  Disabled
  5. 5. WFHCC’S MISSION STATEMENT Mission Statement  “Through outreach, engagement, education, and advocacy, WFHCC strives to empower and support the West Fresno community to achieve optimal health and well-being.” Analysis of mission statement:  WFHCC fulfills their mission by participating in continuous outreach such as going to community events, and community walks. The agency targets a specific population and engages them through support groups and one-on-one home visits. They provide their clients with educational pamphlets, informational health fairs, and educational cooking demos on how to prepare a healthy meal. Lastly, they advocate for their clients by attending the board of Supervisors meetings. In addition to applying for grants to obtain funds to help bring awareness to certain societal issues, and provide different services.
  6. 6. AGENCY PRACTICES Improving Diabetes Care for  Body & Soul (Faith Based Seniors Project)  This Program targets:  African Americans or Hispanics (Age 55 or older)  Is a wellness program developed for the African  Patient has blood sugar level (A1C level) American Community that promotes healthy eating greater than 8% and an active lifestyle.  No improvement of blood sugar levels in 3 months  This Program reinforces:  Has an increase blood sugar level in 3 months  The importance of a healthy diet  Decreasing the risk of cancers and other  This Program provides chronic diseases. comprehensive services including:  This program provides:  Home Visits  Cooking Demonstrations  Health Assessments  A variety of exercise groups  Strengthen-based case management  Forums on relevant health issues  Support Groups  Grocery Store Visits  Physical Education  And other diabetes management services to seniors and their families
  7. 7. AGENCY PRACTICES CONT… Health Insurance  Community Garden Enrollments Project  Bring awareness to child and  Provide low-income families and adult obesity by teaching them pregnant women with enrollment to grow healthy foods. assistance in the following  This Program takes place in insurance programs: two locations:  Healthy Families  West Boys & Girls Club  Medi-Cal  Mary Ella Center  Kaiser  This Program provides  Food Stamp  20 on site garden beds  Fruit and vegetable education  Healthy food demonstrations
  8. 8. AGENCY SIGNIFICANCE West Fresno Health Care Coalition plays a significant role in the community and in the lives of their clients by:  Advocating for the need in West Fresno community.  Empowering their clients to become more self-sufficient and control of their own lives.  Each program within WFHCC honors the client’s self- determination. WFHCC believe every human has the right to services and a healthy life by obtaining access to healthy foods.
  9. 9. QUESTIONS??? How does your country approach the issues of community health? What kind of services are provided to prevent or bring awareness to community health? Is obesity one of the major issues when it comes to your community’s health?