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Incentives for infrastructure modernization


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Slides for EUA meeting explaining a strategy for open science infrastructure reform. The strategy is laid out in detail here:

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Incentives for infrastructure modernization

  1. 1. Björn Brembs Universität Regensburg - @brembs
  2. 2. Björn Brembs Universität Regensburg - @brembs
  3. 3. 1991 – ~2013 because of subscriptions. Since ~2013 despite subscriptions: Correct! Wrong!
  4. 4. Downsized from institutional to incidental problem
  5. 5. and
  6. 6. DOI: 10.1098/rsos.160384
  7. 7. Counting Prestige & Productivity => Selecting the sloppy scientists
  8. 8. “Do you trust scientists?”
  9. 9. Breitbart, Dec. 2016:
  10. 10. Scholars produce text, data and code
  11. 11. • Journal prestige correlates with unreliability • No scientific impact analysis • Suboptimal peer-review • Massive transparency issues • No effective sort, filter and discover solution • No functional hyperlinks • Static data visualizations • No content mining • No social component • No global search • Hardly any user statistics • Access complicated or temporary • etc.…it’s like the internet in 1995!
  12. 12. Report on Integration of Data and Publications, ODE Report 2011
  13. 13. UNIVAC (A-2) 1953: share and re-use of code/software
  14. 14. Sources: Van Noorden, R. (2013). Open access: The true cost of science publishing. Nature 495, 426–429 The 2018 STM report: Annual approximate journal revenue US$ 10Mrd Published peer-reviewed articles per year, approx. 2Mio Cost per TA article US$ 5000
  15. 15. Online submission US$ 21.70 DOI US$ 1.94 Plagiarism detection US$ 0.95 Fundref US$ 0.31 Bibliographic reference normalization US$ 25.00 Production of XML, PDFWeb, PDF for Print and EPUB US$ 100.00 indexing, online publication and interoperability US$ 66.45 Costs per OA article US$ 216.35
  16. 16. The disaster that is our information infrastructure
  17. 17. 216.35 5000 SERVICE CONTENT perarticlecost[US$] Potentialforreform:US$9.56billionp.a. tomorrow today ~3 billion / year ~2 billion / year
  18. 18. 216.35 5000 SERVICE CONTENT perarticlecost[US$] Potentialforreform:US$9.56billionp.a. tomorrow today • Substitutable Services (-> competition!) • No author facing costs • Journal functionalities can be copied • Cost-neutral solutions for data/code • No individual mandates necessary • No journals, no need to judge journal quality • … • … • … • … • … • … • Side effect: permanent, legal, public access A sustainable scholarly infrastructure:
  19. 19. 1. Build on available standards and guidelines to establish a certification process for a sustainable scholarly infrastructure 2. Funders require institutional certification before reviewing grant applications 3. Institutions use subscription funds to implement infrastructure for certification
  20. 20. • evidence that the system is not working • difficult and tedious to monitor and enforce • a form of coercion, bound to be met with resistance • only lead to systemic change at scale: 7-8m FTE scholars • contain APC-OA incentives • not well supported by infrastructure Mandates are slow and potentially counter-productive