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Id hub

  1. 1. DESIGN OF ONLINE IDENTITY BreeMansell Positioning statement I want my online persona to reflect a communications professional, a creative individual interested in the arts and global issues and someone who has a zest for life. My key publics are family and friends, prospective employers, acquaintances, those interested in the arts and issues affecting their immediate and global community. I want to write, share and engage with others who have similar interests to me and potentially look to me to offered insight or a different perspective. My online handle is Breeslalaland. This originates from my time spent working in the arts in Los Angeles, also known as ‘LA LA LAND’. I have used this nickname for my twitter & blog platforms. Image courtesy of Value Proposition Whilst working in communications doesn’t make me unique, my knowledge in the film, the Melbourne arts scene and global issues offers sensitive and fresh perspectives in my online persona. I hope to learn from these online experiences and apply them in my professional and personal life. Brand story/experience My story is honest, multi-faceted and fluid. All the platforms I utilise demonstrate the professional and personal aspects of my online personality all at different degrees. My twitter profile outlines my passion for the arts and learning whilst being friendly and casual; “Work in arts & entertainment publicity. A lover of a rollerblading and wine... Preferably not at the same time.” Tweeting about the arts and politics is a strategy I use to demonstrate my interest and activate thinking and encourage engagement in a non-threatening way. By following those with similar interests on Twitter and LinkedIn I open myself up to greater opportunity of discussion and learning. Instagram and Facebook enable me to demonstrate my creativity in the online world. My blog provides a base for my freethinking.