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Reflection paper (1)

  1. 1. Running head: CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH EDUCATION Changing the World Through Education Bree Hohnbaum College of Western Idaho
  2. 2. CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH EDUCATION 2 Changing the World Through Education The walk to the bus stop going to McMillan Elementary the first day of thekindergarten a.m. class was the most exciting, scary, wonderful time of my life thus far.My nerves were going crazy and I felt dizzy and unsure of what I was going to do; whatit would be like. I had always been around other children from daycare and my mom’sfriend’s children, but nothing like learning so much new information in a whole newenvironment at this big new school with other children my age. It was like a whole newera. At the time, I didn’t really know what to expect of education or what it was going tobe like. I remember just feeling so great that I was starting the first day of the rest of mylife. My parents, on the other hand, were an absolute wreck. Their first child going off toschool was the proudest, but most scared I have ever seen them; that is, until the day Ifound myself accepted to Boise State University, not knowing what to do next. My senior year at Borah High School was, what I thought, going to be the bestyear of my life and I could just “cruise” through it, like everyone around me was alwaystelling me and saying that was what they were doing. I had no idea that my life would bechanging so quickly in only a couple of months. It really didn’t hit me until about twomonths before graduation that I would probably not be seeing all these kids that I hadspent the last thirteen years of my life with. We all wanted to go off in differentdirections and do different things, and many of my friends were moving away to go tocollege or do various other things with their life. I didn’t even really know if I wanted togo to college at this point. My parents always told me that I would be going to BoiseState since I was a little girl, but it was getting down to the nitty gritty and it was now or
  3. 3. CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH EDUCATION 3never. So, I chose now, and I went off to Boise State University to start my first year ofcollege, hopefully not my last, and just hope that I could get out of there in one piece. I believe that my first thought of becoming a teacher, happened in the seventhgrade in my English class. The teacher’s name was Mrs. F, (I don’t think I ever learnedher real last name) we called her that because her last name was too long for us, or so shethought. Mrs. F had always told me that I was a great in English and considered that Ilook into a profession that involved some form of English, such as teaching, when wewent to the career fair the following day which was located at the fairgrounds. I kind ofkept this notion in the back of my mind, for I wanted to do something else; I wanted tobecome a Veterinarian. I only wanted to achieve this profession, however, because of thesimple fact that I loved animals and thought that being around them all day wassomething that I wanted to do. Much to my dismay, I did not know how long this wasgoing to take to achieve the degree needed and also the people down at the job fair toldme this was not an easy route, not just for the schooling required, but because of the tasksthat it involved me to complete. These included things like: putting animals down,conducting surgery weather it be minor or major, dealing with the crying pet owners, andpossibly even taking some of the injured animals with no homes, home with me. I startedthinking about what Mrs. F had told me the previous day and I decided that I might aswell check out the “Education” booth and what it had to offer someone like me. The moment I walked up to the Education booth was one of my glory moments.The people there told me about the riches of becoming a teacher, not necessarily in theliteral sense, but more of what you can gain from teaching. They told me about theminds I can sculpt and the power I would achieve to influence even the smallest minds in
  4. 4. CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH EDUCATION 4the smallest bodies. They told me of the wonderful benefits that would come and thegreatest feeling you get when students come back to you years later and tell you of theway they remembered you or how you changed or influenced their life, maybe even madethem finally decide on their career. Everything that I learned that day I would apply tothe knowledge that I have now about education. It is the greatest, most powerful gift onecan ever give someone, and this specific career day helped me to realize this for myself.I began doing further research to broaden my knowledge of the career and found out thatthis really was what I needed to be doing with my life. Everything else that I thought Icould become was just a blur to me. It was education that I needed to be focusing onfrom here on out, and that is just what I did. I researched it and studied it in years tocome after that seventh grade day and sure enough, here I am now, in Education 201learning the basics of becoming an Elementary School teacher. Boise State University did not turn out to be exactly the type of schooling that Ineeded at that current point in my life. Jumping right into college right after high schoolwas not something many of my friends did, but my parents told me that I would mostlikely not go back to college if I took a year, or even a semester off from my education.This is how I ended up at Boise State that first year, 2007. I thought I would do at leastalright since, in high school, I had achieved a 3.0 grade point average or higher everyyear and assumed to keep my grade point average constant throughout the college years.I then got sucked into the whole college scene and ended up failing all my classes but onemy first semester. It then went in a pattern like that for the following years, where Iwould be on academic probation one semester and then off academic probation the nextsemester. This was the only way that I had remained in college, and even I am surprised
  5. 5. CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH EDUCATION 5that the school board did not kick me out. However, when I needed some help or neededto ask a question, when I actually was trying, the professors at Boise State were no helpat all to me. They would never return e-mails, meet with me after class, and none ofthem were ever in their offices during their office hours. I was very distraught with mylife at this point ant decided that, maybe I need to move away for awhile. Away fromBoise, and the hole I was falling into quite fast. Colorado was my next destination. I moved there in the beginning of the summerin 2009. I packed up my things and kissed my parents goodbye in hopes that I wouldfind something bigger, brighter, and better than what was left for me in Boise. I thoughtthat I could maybe find some school or something to go to there that would provide mewith more opportunities than I was missing out on here or rather messing up on. This,however, turned out to be a terrible choice for me. I soon found myself lacking in fundsgrossly. I had only just enough money left to move back to Boise by the time that fallcame around. I lasted only about six months total in Colorado when I finally gave up andreturned home to Boise to live with my parents, once again. I found out about CWI through the commercials on TV and also through a coupleof my friends that were going there at the time and thought that since I can’t make it at aUniversity right now, maybe I would be able to make it at a community college, where itis smaller, closer knit, and also closer to my house. My mom told me that I should applyfor CWI for the spring semester in 2010. I got accepted and soon found out that I reallycan do this whole college thing. I really want to make something of myself, and I finallyfound the drive that I needed to achieve this. I was happier than ever and have beengoing to CWI ever since and I love it. The instructors are so personal with me and the
  6. 6. CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH EDUCATION 6classrooms are smaller so that I can get more one on one time if I need it. I would reallylike to continue to go to CWI until I have to switch to Boise State University to graduate. Many things have taken me to the place I am at right now, studying education andfurthering my degree. Many things may push me away from it as I grow further in thisfield, but I think that I am on the right track. Even being in the class that I am in rightnow, I may be just really starting out my major, but I can already tell I am going to loveit. As I have begun my “observing” already, which, to me, is more like just studentteaching for the teacher that I am working with will not let me sit down for a minute, butI absolutely love it. I love everything about being able to influence someone’s life oranything about their life. It has nothing to do with how much money I will be making orthe summers I will be getting off; those are just bonuses. Just to think of the joy I wouldget seeing one of my students I had many years past, who is now someone famous andmyself saying, “Hey! That kid was a student in my second grade class!” I think it wouldjust be the best feeling in the world. I think that, teachers are the future. Education canchange the world.