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Breck ramsey educ 2200

  1. 1. MATH
  2. 2. Have you ever had a bad teacher? A horrible math teacher could be the cause of the negative attitude a student has toward the subject. It is not always the student’s fault for his/her dislike toward a subject, but all students still must try their best even when they don’t find the subject enjoyable…
  3. 3. The students aren’t the only ones in the classroom that should have a positive attitude.
  4. 4. Just like all the other subjects, math should be fun for everyone.
  5. 5. It really can be fun!! Step 1: you need to have a positive attitude.
  6. 6. Step 2: you should always do your best to pay attention.
  7. 7. Step 3 : ask ANY and ALL questions! The only stupid question is the one that is not asked.
  8. 8. Step 4: complete homework and study for tests! And do not be afraid to seek help from a tutor, friend, parent, or even another teacher.
  9. 9. Mathematics is not just finding an answer using a calculator.
  10. 10. That involve math… Everyday situations……
  11. 11. In today’s class, we learn how to find the perimeter and the area.
  12. 12. Perimeter • Different shapes require different formulas to find the perimeter. • Perimeter is the outline of a shape or the path that surrounds the area.
  13. 13. Don’t worry! It is easier than it sounds. Let’s put the concept into everyday terms.
  14. 14. The lines painted on the outside of a basketball court (boundary lines) make up the perimeter of the court!
  15. 15. The walls that enclose your bedroom make up the perimeter of your bedroom! Now, think of your carpet or flooring in your bedroom….that is the area of your room!
  16. 16. Perimeter To find the perimeter of a shape: 1. add up all the sides 2. give the number the correct units Let’s find the perimeter of the given shape…
  17. 17. Perimeter continued Add up all the sides: 1+5+4+2+7=19 Units were not given.
  18. 18. Find the perimeter of this rectangle. Equation: 2L + 2W 2(12 cm) + 2(9 cm)= 24 cm + 18 cm= 42 cm You could also go about the problem this way: L+L+W+W 12 cm+12 cm+9 cm+9 cm=42 cm
  19. 19. See?! We use math everyday! Another Example: What if you needed to find the area of a room so you could remodel? You would have to use your math skills!! Area=Length x Width
  20. 20. Let’s find the area… Area=length x width Length= 100 ft Width= 100 ft Area= 100 ft x 100 ft Area= 10,000 ft2
  21. 21. Math is used in so many activities. Most likely, we can always pertain math class to something in the real world. It will seem more relevant and hopefully easier to understand!