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Writing objectives that stick


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9 steps to writing objectives that will improve performance

Published in: Business, Education
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Writing objectives that stick

  1. 1. Writing objectives that stick. 9 steps to writing objectives that will improve performance
  2. 2. WHAT not how Think about what you want to achieve not how you're going to do it. 1 Q - Do you want more leads or are you really after more sales?
  3. 3. Make it CLEAR Start with the change you want then work backwards. 2 Q – Do you really want to increase sales by 15%? Then start there - don't hide the real objective.
  4. 4. Now comes the HOW If you’re clear on WHAT you want to achieve you can think about HOW. 3 Q– What steps can you take that will help increase sales?
  5. 5. Think TIMESCALES Be honest with yourself about what's realistic. 4 Q – How long is your sales cycle? If it’s 3 months, don't expect sales to double in 6!
  6. 6. Get AGREEMENT You need buy-in from three parties - employee, you and the team. 5 Q – Will the rest of tour team buy into the objective?
  7. 7. Does it makes SENSE? Does it fit within the big picture? Do they add up? 6 Q – Would increasing leads by 25% enable a 20% increase in sales?
  8. 8. How will you MEASURE? What gets measured gets done. How will you check on progress and feedback? 7 Q - The number of leads is increasing nicely but is that translating into to more sales?
  9. 9. Keep a RECORD Objectives are easily forgotten! Keep a record for both you and the employee. 8 Q – How will you check progress manage feedback?
  10. 10. TRIAL breatheHR Not only a system for HR data, breatheHR gives you a special place for objectives. 9 A - Your employees will love it and you’ll make objectives that stick!
  11. 11. THANKYOU GET IN TOUCH: 08445 611223