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Alimony Calculator


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Using an alimony calculator is perfect for calculating your divorce as it is completely independent and accurate - the market leader for an alimony calculator is Breakin’ App.

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Alimony Calculator

  1. 1. Alimony Calculator Getting divorced can be an emotional and harrowing time not only for you but for your family as well. Making sure that you are going to get your fair share of income to support yourself and/or your children is one of your priorities; the courts are the people who decide all of this but between yourself and your ex partner you can agree upon the breakdown of the assets which the judge then agrees to. Using an alimony calculator is perfect for this situation as it is completely independent and accurate, the market leader for an alimony calculator is Breakin’ App. Breakin’ App is a company that supplies you for free a fantastic third party alimony calculator that uses a similar system to what the courts use when deciding the outcome of your spilt divorced assets and child support. Breakin’ App can be used by anyone not just those going through a divorce it can be used by people who are considering getting divorced but would like to know where they would stand if they went ahead, so they can predict and implement certain changes to their lifestyle to suit should they go ahead. The alimony calculator works by asking you questions about yourself, your partner and your finances, the calculator also takes into consideration any other details such as children & property and then supplies you with a full report of what yourself and your partner are entitled to. It works out your temporary spousal support which is paid to you whilst your settlement is being formally decided along with what your permanent alimony will be. Your permanent alimony can be paid to you either in one lump sum or in installments after your settlement is agreed and signed. Breakin’ App is a completely anonymous service and does not ask for your specific details such as your name or address, it also covers all fifty states as some states divorce laws are different than say another’s. If you are considering getting divorced or are going through a divorce then Breakin’ App is for you! Calculate your divorce here: Alimony Calculator