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Hunger md gs


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Hunger md gs

  1. 1. MDG 2: When food isgirlsto a singleofwomen dyingchildren to global Progress on MDG 1of end globaltheallinimportantin of all birth, 8: The possible scarce, parents 7: Poormajority tois fundamentalworld’s population but out 5: Hunger is linkedhungry peopletodeathspartnerships 3: Womenincreases are thirdof maythesuccess child under 6: It is nutrition is the half hunger,have in pull children 4: and the risk most the developing world but to threat otherof school countries themabsolutelyrequirestomaking going.between 60 global is to work without sustainable healthy send child mortality relatedtofirsthealth,can’t ofmother all incomes areare thehealthy family.and ain 11% reduce of diseasesthattovital to aGoals. it asolutions.5. You agriculture—a sector Development malnutrition. Millennium are keyrepresentand percent of people whokeephungry.reducing hunger. family