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Pubcon2008 panel. How to integrate social sites to make your site viral

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Tag Youre It Pdf

  1. Tag You’re It! Leveraging the social web for fun & profit Brian Breslin @brbreslin InfiniMedia.com PubCon 2008
  2. Your Objectives • Build a community through the community • Empower the community • Change your way of thinking
  3. The Social Web
  4. • Social media sites are driving tons of traffic. TONS. • Your customers are spending more and more time in them. • The battle is for attention. Are you winning?
  5. The figures • 161 Million Unique (Facebook) • 61 BILLION Page Views (Facebook) • 117 Million Unique (MySpace) • 73 Million in USA (MySpace) Figures for September
  6. Steps • Step 1: Realize you have a community • Step 2: Engage your community • Step 3: Cast your nets • Step 4: Let your community bloom
  7. Its about community
  8. WAIT!
  9. Its ONLY about community
  10. Your community is everywhere • Stop thinking of your site as a single destination. • Go to where the people are (lots of choices, you decide) • Cast your net wide, because....
  11. You can’t fish in a puddle
  12. Where are you casting your net?
  13. Old web
  14. New Web
  15. What this means to you? • Harder to compete for attention on your own • Harder to acquire new users (people are fickle) • BUT People are spending more time online • AND There are more people online • so how can this help you?
  16. Building a community from the community @ theBoaters.com
  17. An Ex: theBoaters.com • Built a NICHE community • Started seeding it with PPC acquired traffic (high costs) • 500 users after 3 weeks ( low conversion rate on signups)
  18. Theboaters + Facebook • Created a facebook interface for their site • Accepted facebook logins as their users (PRE- FB connect) • Redefined what a facebook app was to them • Grew to 20,000 users in 6 weeks!
  19. So how can you play?
  20. Does your site look like this?
  21. Is your site a silo? • Are you syndicating your content? • Are you sharing your site? • Can your users contribute to your site? • Can they take the content with them?
  22. What you can do about it • What opportunities are out there? • How do we leverage them? • How do we measure ROI? • How do we implement these things?
  23. Facebook Connect
  24. What FB Connect can do for you. • Lower barrier to • Create a facebook entry for new users “app” so you own 100% of the page • They bring their views friends with them. • Distribute your • THEY BRING THEIR content to 160 Million FRIENDS! users • Syndicate your site • Low customer interactions to acquisition costs facebook
  25. Distributed Logins Yahoo! Open Platform Microsoft Live login Social Graph API Google Friend Connect
  26. What OpenID means • Dramatically lower your signup friction • Millions of users (any Yahoo, MSN, GMail, MySpace, or AIM username) • Paired with social graph = $$$$$ • Reduce spam/pre-authenticated people
  27. Social Graph & You • Social portability. • Bring friend relationships in, and blow them out. • make it dead simple for your users to share with their friends.
  28. Social Graph API? • POTENTIALLY amazing • Map the relationships between people • Use the map to find new connections and customers
  29. Implementing it all • Not trivial. No matter what they tell you. • A good programmer can tie in your site to any of these platforms. • But make sure you think about this stuff BEFORE starting a site
  30. Conclusion • Your community is key to your social media efforts • Your community is everywhere (so you need to go to them) • You can build any niche from the existing communities
  31. Sharing is caring.
  32. Contact me • breslin@infinimedia.com • http://twitter.com/brbreslin • http://brianbreslin.com