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Francisco i madero


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Francisco i madero

  1. 1. Francisco I. Madero By Maria Vassilakis History 141 Professor Arguello December 12, 2011
  2. 2. Background History• Madero was born on October Porfirio Diaz 30, 1873 and died on February 22, 1913.• He was born into one of the wealthiest families in Mexico.• He was somewhat religious was the founder of “Spiritism.”• He continued his studies all the way up to UC Berkeley and then Stanford.• He was a politician, writer and a revolutionist who served as the Mexican President from 1911-1913.• His opposition was a man named Porfirio Diaz but soon he faltered.• During the Mexican Revolution though, Madero proved that he was “ineffective.”
  3. 3. The Mexican Revolution• At the time Madero had been Madero campaigns from the back of a arrested for relating to bank railway car in 1910. interests and Porfirio was elected President of Mexico.• After he was let out of jail on bonds from his father, he did everything he could to get elected, even getting smuggled into the U.S.• In November 1910, Madero launched an attack the Diaz.• In February 1911 he led another attack but in Chihuahua and soon became the leader of the Mexican Revolution.• Diaz was later exiled to Europe in May 1911.
  4. 4. Continued…• A man named Emiliano Zapata Victoriano Huerta was another revolutionary leader• He was promised by Madero that his land would be redistributed when Madero became president.• Madero published another book during his presidency.• A lot of people were resentful against Madero and their were three rebellions that took place shortly after being elected.• Finally in February 1913, Madero was forced to resign and was killed. He was then replaced by Victorian Huerta.