Recruiting on Facebook


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Recruiting on Facebook

  1. 1. So, You Want to be on Facebook?Jennifer Hasche11.09.2011
  2. 2. Currently Manage a team of 12 sourcers at Intuit (makers of Turbo Tax, Quicken, QuickBooks,, GoPayment). Previous to Intuit 8 years of agency recruiting experience at Kforce and ARC. Based in San Diego, but source for candidates across the globe. Intuit is a great place to work, that’s why I’m still here. Fortune 100 company, products save people time and money, get to be social and innovative, the food and work out facility is top notch!
  3. 3. What we’ll cover today:Why Should you be on Facebook?Overcoming ResistanceSome StatsHow we started & are evolvingBest PracticesAlternativesTips
  4. 4. Why should you listen to me? #2 Most Social Company – Adobe (#4) – Amazon (#6) – Google (#8) – Microsoft (#9) – Walt Disney (#11) – Apple (#15 - tie) – eBay (#15 – tie)
  5. 5. “Your company isn’t cool enough for Facebook”-800 MILLION USERS!-Talent Shortages-Boast Brand-Enhances traditional recruiting efforts-Engages your community (if done right)-No one writes on the bathroom wall anymore...they write online Do you plan on being relevant in the next five years?
  6. 6. some CRAZY social stats2018 Generation Y will make up half the working population28% of those 25 and younger are checking social sites BEFORE they get out of bed77% of JOBSEEKERS are on Facebook“Recruiters think of social media as teenagers thinkof ‘blank’ – everyone is doing it all the time anddoing it really well”….Kristen Weirick, Cargill
  7. 7. Where did Intuit start? AskedCreated page on FB employees LinkUp to respond Early Big push to get Adaptors Intuit employees to Slideshare like our page Recruiting Marketing Added to our Video Chatsfor Branding signaturesComments/Up Posted “grass roots”dates/Recruite r Intro’s jobs – what’s next
  8. 8. Where should I start?Find a Muse, PepsiCo, Starbucks, EY, Home Depot,Mint.comEarly Adopters – is there anyone alreadywriting, blogging, tweeting about your companyFocus on jobs if that is all you gotShare business info, press releasesNews: Wall Street Journal, Mashable, CNNAnswer Questions –, GlassDoor
  9. 9. Social Media Boot Camps • Early adopters • Writers • Anyone can attend • Everyone recruits • Pilot, don’t implement • Piggyback off your products, marketing and/or communications teamYou don’t have to be an expert. Just DO something!
  10. 10. “This just won’t fly”BlogGuest BlogIndeedGlass DoorTwitterRecruiting Advice (resume tips, etc)
  11. 11. Watch for’s….your social responsibility1. Website – check every day!2. QA your links – do they work?3. Get ready for OMG moments! – You won’t win an argument in the public arena – A ranting blog is equivalent to a root canal – Look professional (spell-check please) – Own it and poke fun at yourself BE REAL + BE RESPONSIVE
  12. 12. It’s better to measure!Directional Data – don’t get lost in the details, but use data to tell your story!
  13. 13. My Advice:Be There – you are not your target market (you go to the bank to get money and you go to social networks for people)Get Support – if you don’t, do it anywaySet Goals – apply them to each networkGet Help – crowdsource( everyone recruits), hiring managers, employeesMeasure – find out what works
  14. 14. THANK YOU Jennifer @JenniferINTUIT