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7 Talent Acquisition Mistakes You're Currently Making (A Recruiter's Ultimate Guide)


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You know the recruiter struggle of finding top talent to fill positions, but you may not know where this struggle stems from. We can help with that! Check out this SlideShare to read about the seven talent acquisition mistakes you’re currently making (and how you can do better). In this playbook, you'll learn...
1. Why people aren’t filling out your applications
2. Why candidates are slipping through your fingers and choosing other companies
3. Ways top recruiters use data to their advantage
4. The secret to keeping your candidate pipeline engaged

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  • Most companies these days platforms that help analyse resumes. As mentioned in this post, there could be a very good chance that the platform may have missed a few very good resumes in the process, hence at some point of the elimination process a human overlook is a must.
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7 Talent Acquisition Mistakes You're Currently Making (A Recruiter's Ultimate Guide)

  1. 1. Talent Acquisition MISTAKES You’re Currently Making A Recruiter’s Ultimate Guide 7
  2. 2. Candidates not filling out your applications?
  3. 3. Or they are ... but they don’t have the right qualifications?
  4. 4. The worst feeling is when you finally find the perfect candidate amidst the stacks of unqualified resumes...
  5. 5. and they don’t accept the offer.
  6. 6. Your issue?
  7. 7. Talent Acquisition MISTAKES 7 You might be making one of these
  8. 8. Download Now Wait. Want to download this ultimate guide as a PDF to read and reference later?
  9. 9. Mistake 1: Failing to keep in during the hiring process. touch
  10. 10. lack of communication... A lack of communciation...
  11. 11. means lack of trust... ...translates to a lack of trust
  12. 12. Nothing good comes from a candidate who thinks your company is shady.
  13. 13. Guess what the about the hiring process is? #1complaint
  14. 14. “recruiters only talking with candidates when there’s an opening”
  15. 15. Instead of with previously considered candidates, losing touch
  16. 16. keep in communication and build up your candidate pipeline for future hiring needs. Mario’s candidate pipeline
  17. 17. Looking for a new way to engage your candidate pipeline? In this on-demand webinar, learn how to build engaged social talent communities for your long-term recruiting success. Watch Now
  18. 18. Mistake 2: You make your candidates jump through RINGS OF FIRE
  19. 19. Don’t make your interview process so lengthy and rigorous that candidates lose interest.
  20. 20. Making them go through grueling steps to get to the final interview...
  21. 21. is a WASTE of both of your time.
  22. 22. This is especially true of high-level, senior candidates (...who may have multiple offers on the table).
  23. 23. Making them jump through too many hoops could push them to another company who may have a shorter, more efficient interview process.
  24. 24. Of course it is important to take your time to find the right candidate... but make sure that every step is ultimately headed towards that end goal.
  25. 25. Mistake 3: You too quickly. dismiss resumes
  26. 26. Your applicant tracking system can be a great resource... but it is a better servant than master.
  27. 27. cookie cutter candidates. Your resume screening software can often spit out
  28. 28. You may be missing out on some incredibley creative and personable candidates that the system isn’t finding.
  29. 29. More thorough, interactive approaches are becoming popular with top recruiting teams.
  30. 30. Some of the many ways recruiters are becoming more interactive in the hiring process... Personality tests Video submissions Mock assignments Online chats
  31. 31. Looking for a super simple way to interact with candidates? Your next move is... Get a Customized Demo Scheduled Chat Software.
  32. 32. Mistake 4: You have tunnel vision when hiring.
  33. 33. It is easy to get stuck on a specific list of qualifications when searching for a potential hire.
  34. 34. Don’t look for the purple squirrel — no one fits every requirement you’re looking for!
  35. 35. When you hire this way, you’re not looking for a person...
  36. 36. you’re looking for a robot.
  37. 37. Hire for skills that scale. Ideally, you want them to grow into other roles in your company.
  38. 38. Hire for culture fit. You want someone who brings value to the position through varying experiences.
  39. 39. Consider cross-discipline hires. Bringing in people from other disciplines for a position brings cultural diversity and unique points of view.
  40. 40. Any time you bring together diverse perspectives, it just creates a bunch of potential that you weren’t really expecting. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter “
  41. 41. Download Ebook “Accounting software company Kashoo, self described as a ‘typical start-up: younger, tech savvy, male-dominated’ hired a middle- aged female CPA [who had very limited tech knowledge.] Eight months into the job she was thriving - and the customers, many of whom happen to be her same demographic, love her. (Inc. com)” An example from our diversity ebook...
  42. 42. Download Ebook Now Want to read more on how to increase diversity in the workplace?
  43. 43. Mistake 5: You’re misunderstanding the value diversity brings to an office.
  44. 44. Diversity is more than just a quota to meet.
  45. 45. It deals with company culture and personalities.
  46. 46. People of different ethnicities bring different backgrounds and ways of thinking,
  47. 47. creating an office whose workers bring varying strengths to the table.
  48. 48. The cookie cutter candidate who checks off all the right boxes may not bring as much to the table as other candidates.
  49. 49. People who have had different life experiences add value to a team by bringing insight on issues that a cookie cutter candidate may not be able to see.
  50. 50. Nobody knows everything, and no group of people knows everything. But a peculiar attri- bute of homogeneous groups is that they can be unusually blind to what they don’t know. Matthew Yglesias, “ Read more from our diversity ebook here.
  51. 51. Mistake 6: You’re assuming years of experience...
  52. 52. ...trumps a young, eager candidate
  53. 53. Someone may have 25 years of experience in a field ... but are they actually good at what they do?
  54. 54. A candidate may be a YounG, eager grad who graduated with honors and a 4.0 gPA,
  55. 55. but what did they actually learn and produce at school?
  56. 56. Whether it be number of degrees obtained...
  57. 57. number of internships completed...
  58. 58. or number of years with a company...
  59. 59. Hiring purely based on numbers is just asking for bad news bears.
  60. 60. Looking at a candidate’s work samples or giving mock assignments is a significantly more effective way of determining competency.
  61. 61. An increasingly popular trend in the world of recruitment is looking for a candidate’s soft skills when hiring. team spirit self-confidence communication creativity
  62. 62. Of course the numbers matter some, but things such as personality, sense of humor, attitude, punctuality, and work ethic are crucial when looking for a new hire.
  63. 63. Having trouble hiring and holding onto the millennial generation? Watch this webinar to find out what millennial employees are looking for in a company. It’s Webinar Time
  64. 64. Mistake 7: You’re not using your data to your advantage.
  65. 65. A new trend in talent acquisition is sorting potential hires into two categories... below average above average t
  66. 66. Managers can run statistical analyses and see what the “above average” candidates have in common.
  67. 67. This information can be used to figure out specific qualities and characteristics to look for in a new hire.
  68. 68. f SmartQueue sorts the candidates in your event to allow you to speak with top talent first based on the questions you create. You can even use those qualities and characteristics on Brazen’s chat platform. Get a Demo Now
  69. 69. Don’t fall into a recruitment rut...
  70. 70. Fix these mistakes to make recruiting HUMAN Casual & Quick
  71. 71. “What we’re seeing is a greater concentration on building more meaningful relationships with talent.” Ed Barrientos, Brazen CEO
  72. 72. Thanks for reading! Want more great recruiting content? Check out the Brazen blog here. Brazen Blog