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Havas at cannes 2017


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Havas Insights from Cannes 2017 by Sami Viitamaki

Published in: Marketing
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Havas at cannes 2017

  2. 2. In 2017, the advertising, media, creative, and entertainment industries continue to be at a critical juncture. This year’s Cannes Lions festival was a showcase of the changes, challenges, and opportunities marketers, consultants, and creatives are facing now and will continue to face in the future. After 100 years of a mass industrial approach to marketing, we now have the tools with which to supercharge our reach in a more customized manner across a vast palette of channels and platforms. Yet little has changed in how impact is pursued. As a result, agencies are under pressure to deliver more, not necessarily better, while facing competition from all sides. Marketers are unhappy with the opaqueness and complexity of the system and consumers are fed up with constant interruption, intrusion, and a perceived loss of respect and privacy. Speech, language and conversations have enabled personal relationships, powering collaboration, specialization and our modern societies and economies. Relationships built on genuine dialogue are also the future of our industry. In the past ten years, we have seen an attempt to return to personal relationships as the foundation of marketing. But only now are technologies and platforms capable of powering one-to-one value exchanges at scale starting to become mainstream. And fresh challenges have appeared. Yes, our tools are getting more powerful, but we are still grappling with how best to use them, how to resolve rising ethical questions and ensure interoperability. Moreover, we are finding that value and messages don’t need to be tailored just to individuals, but also to each individual’s context at the time. This might change every 15 minutes, all day, every day. A WATERSHED MOMENT FOR THE INDUSTRY Sami Viitamaki Exec Director Havas NYC
  3. 3. A WATERSHED MOMENT FOR THE INDUSTRY (CONT’D…) The basic economics of traditional advertising thinking is also under fire. Ad-free paid subscriptions are gathering steam across music, TV, and other content forms. Ad-blockers now come default on all browsers, and are increasingly used. Publishers have less data about the needs and context of the public than do social networks, search platforms, and e-commerce giants, and, partly as result, many are exploring replacing ad revenue with subscription pricing. Marketers’ budgets are also shifting. The biggest investments now go to digital commerce, digital ads, analytics, social, loyalty, mobile, websites, and customer intel. Offline barely fits in the top 10, and very soon, “offline” won’t even exist. Positioning a brand and skillfully telling its story will always be important. The protagonist however will be the customer; her shifting context the plot; and experiences, the events. And to answer one of the most burning questions across all industries: Yes. Machines will do ever more, people ever less of the traditional creative and media tasks as agencies shift to serve marketers orienting themselves to leading platforms. But new jobs will emerge. And few of these will be about basic research, routine coordination, and manual iteration. There will be more demand for understanding, thinking, and meaningful decisions, made in collaboration. Strategic partners need to grow tighter with marketers, human-centered design needs to become part of creative agencies’ core skillset, and platform partners need to open up their black boxes for scrutiny. It’s not the end of advertising, but the birth of a new advertising ecosystem, complete with genuinely entertaining and educational content, as well as services and experiences that help people get their jobs done. Sami Viitamaki Exec Director Havas NYC
  4. 4. BIG DISCUSSIONS AT CANNES LIONS 2017 ON… Personalized PredictiveCreative Consistency SafetyBrand Attribution VisibilityMetrics Content EntertainmentFormats Engagement ConversationRelationship Experiences WorldsDesign Innovation PlatformsInvestments
  5. 5. 33% 66% 2015 2017 Share of Gold & GP winners that are products or services (in contrast to content or communication) in the 20 categories outside Film, Film Craft, Radio & Print has grown twofold in two years. Experiences are now the default Grand Prix winners. A SHIFT TO DESIGN AND EXPERIENCE
  7. 7. APAC Mike Amour SENSE & RESPOND
  8. 8. ACTION POINTS FOR MARKETERS FEATURED CASES The power of dominant tech platforms, transparency of operations, and visibility of results were hotly debated at the festival. But it’s clear from the most awarded work that marketers and agencies are getting better at wielding the power of these platforms to monitor their surroundings, make sense of the findings, and respond in new, creative ways. Havas scooped awards with AiMEN, a pious AI built for the Young Pope TV series. AiMEN scans social media for sinners and replies with verses from the big book. The chocolate brand Snickers also explored new territory, extending its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” theme with a “Hungerithm” algorithm that gauges a neighborhood’s hangryness index—and lowers Snickers prices at 7-Elevens in groggy areas. An interesting development in recent years has been the awarding of Lions not just for individual pieces of work, but also for innovative systems and organizational setups. Bot world darling won a Silver Lion with BotBot, a conversational bot builder that makes creating chat interfaces available to any brand or person. Marriott won big with M Live, their tech- and people-powered operating system for responding to and encouraging customer engagement. Of course, sensing and responding don’t need to be digital only. Twitter and Spotify won first prizes for mining data about what customers were talking about or listening to and using that data to unleash insights-driven, localized, and customized outdoor campaigns to great impact. SENSE & RESPOND Canal+/Havas Hungerithm Snickers Thanks 2016 - It’s been weird Spotify # - What’s Happening Twitter >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE List and prioritize themes and topics that warrant sensing and responding. Combine platforms and AI for pattern discovery, sensemaking, and automation. Think how to amplify outputs beyond the most obvious and immediate channels.
  10. 10. ACTION POINTS FOR MARKETERS FEATURED CASES With the explosion of formats, creative work has never been more exciting. As expected, Snap, Facebook, and YouTube showcased virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), as well as social VR and AR—reputed to be the killer apps for virtual worlds. Convinced by the power of the format, Fox introduced YouTube’s six-second ads to linear TV, and new formats were invented by agencies and marketers. Because of the variety of opportunities, thinking deeply about the formats in question and unlocking possibilities already in the strategic and creative phases is crucial for building effective creative work. Havas’ most awarded work this year was “Like My Addiction,” a campaign that harnessed Instagram’s self-obsessed format and culture to warn audiences about how addictions such as alcoholism can go unnoticed in plain sight. In the VR category, Google’s “Tilt Brush” took home two golds, and is sure to be a creativity powerhouse for the fast expanding virtual world. “VR Vaccine” showed how injection-fearing kids can be distracted with a game-like experience. On the AR front, Samsung won with “Pocket Patrol,” an app that utilizes modern smartphones’ AR capabilities to spot sharks, riptides, submerged rocks, and other ocean hazards. There were great format wins in sports, too. Under Armour’s “#BreakTheGame” leveraged increased Twitter chatter during Stephen Curry’s plays and showed a different three-second clip every time the star sank a three-pointer. With “Price on the Jersey,” Walmart went all in on soccer, advertising products on jerseys—with players’ numbers as the products’ prices. FORMAT FIRST Like my Addiction BETC for Addict Aide HAVAS’ MOST AWARDED #BreakTheGame Under Armour Price on the Jersey Walmart VR Vaccine Hermes Pardini >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE Take time to know not just the media but also the formats most relevant to your audience. Introduce format to the strategy and creative phases, not to constrain but to inspire. Explore emerging and experimental formats for intrigue and PR effect.
  11. 11. BRAND PLAYS
  12. 12. ACTION POINTS FOR MARKETERS FEATURED CASES Games and play are inherent human activities and powerful shapers of behavior. Gamification popped into the wider consciousness around 2010 and, after some years of downshifting, is again experiencing a slight uptrend. The explosion of mobile gaming, VR, and AR, as well as related platforms such as Twitch, is renewing brands’ interest in games and gaming opportunities. And they are plentiful, as this year’s Cannes festival exhibited. Havas scored in the health sector by gamifying Parkinson’s disease sufferers’ everyday lives with “Parkinsounds,” an app that helps them regain routine coordination through music. Serena Williams’ “Matchpoint” represented branded games created for new platforms, in this case for Snapchat. There were wins with popular game mashups, too: “Los Santos Pride” was rewarded for placing LGBTQ rights inside the otherwise hyper-violent Grand Theft Auto mega franchise. Audi’s “Enter the Sandbox” took playful virtuality to car dealerships, combining a physical sandbox with a 3D scanner and VR cockpit. The setup enabled car shoppers to take the new Audi for a spin inside their personal creations. Nike’s “Unlimited Stadium” pushed the physical dimension even further, enabling Singaporean audiences to compete against their toughest opponent: themselves. In the talks, a panel lead by Aubrey McClure explored how games innovate communal expression and digital storytelling, while Damon Berger smashed myths about gamers as reclusive hermits, showing how gaming and gamers help to form today’s tastes. BRAND PLAYS Parkinsounds Havas for Sanofi Serena Williams Match Point Gatorade Enter Sandbox Audi Unlimited Stadium Nike >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE Think how your customer experience could benefit from gamification. Map games, games media, and related platforms relevant to your audience. Ideate other ways to leverage games, including mashups and partnerships.
  14. 14. ACTION POINTS FOR MARKETERS FEATURED CASES In traditional performance art, the “fourth wall” is a sacred barrier that divides the fictional and the real, and can only be broken with extreme care. Marketers, by contrast, are often talking to their audiences via actors recognized in their roles, so this wall is broken quite regularly. But new ways of reaching from brand worlds into the real one are also emerging. Havas Singapore’s “You know the Queen. Now meet Elizabeth” for Netflix’ The Crown pioneered how outdoor surfaces, urban spaces, indoor areas, and even everyday store items can be used for an innovative out-of-home takeover. T- Mobile’s “Magenta Unleashed” turned every magenta-colored surface into a portal for Gorillaz-related content, music, interviews, and perks. On the TV side of things, Tide’s “Bradshaw Stain” mixed the on-air broadcast world with ads running during the Super Bowl, winning America’s hearts. Burger King’s “Google Home of the Whopper” pushed from the screen to people’s homes (via their Google Home devices). This activated a lot of confusion and discussion about brand safety and customer privacy in an era of conversational interfaces, but also a hefty PR windfall for the brand. Overall, reaching across brand and real-world spaces in a way that “hacks” media and the environment can offer the requisite “surprise and delight” elements for anything from awareness and education to promotion and driving sales. BREAKING WALLS You Know the Queen Havas for Netflix Google Home of the Whopper Burger King Magenta Unleashed T-Mobile Bradshaw Stain Tide >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE Identify opportunities to leap beyond brand spaces into real life. Explore both digital and physical worlds, as well as their hybrids. Think how to invite audiences into the experience and amplify it forward.
  16. 16. ACTION POINTS FOR MARKETERS FEATURED CASES The worlds of entertainment and advertising have always been close, but there’s increasing intimacy between the two. Universal Music Group’s Lucian Grainge was awarded Media Person of the Year. This was a delight for Havas, which now belongs to the Vivendi family alongside UMG. On other entertainment fronts, Jeffrey Katzenberg showed off his New TV format, a 10-minute, mobile-first, high production value play designed to woo millennials and Gen Z’ers. Havas scored in the entertainment sector with Air New Zealand’s “Summer Wonderland,” featuring Ronan Keating. The lyrics to the traditional winter version were rewritten to promote a Christmas that, unlike in most of the western developed world, is celebrated in swimsuit weather. Adidas also put a new spin on a classic, with contemporary artists recreating “My Way” for the sports brand’s “Original Is Never Finished” content play. Santander took home the Grand Prix with a dystopian—and excellent—short film, How Much, Beyond Money. In it, a young woman explores how much it is worth to lose pieces of oneself for financial gain. Getty Images relaunched the classic 1922 silent film Nosferatu with a twist: It now has a soundtrack compiled entirely of Getty’s stock sounds, which are explorable, editable, and buyable directly from the online movie experience. Showing the breadth of entertainment in advertising, “The World’s Biggest Asshole” focused on the power of a bold, irreverent story, while “Did You Mean MailChimp?” exploded into swathes of entertainment content, games, apps, and even musical instruments. ONLY ENTERTAINMENT Summer Wonderland feat Ronan Keating Havas for Air New Zealand How Much / Beyond Money Santander Nosferatu Getty Images Original is Never Finished Adidas >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE Think how to weave your brand into pop culture and your customers’ lives. Discover opportunities to leverage content and influencers for brand impact. Be innovative; go beyond traditional endorsements into functional content.
  17. 17. VALUE WINS
  18. 18. ACTION POINTS FOR MARKETERS FEATURED CASES Experiences, products, and services have for some time been making their way into the creative marketing landscape. In contrast to communication only, generating value-adding experiences now represents the majority (66%) of Gold and Grand Prix cases in the 20 categories outside film, film craft, print, and radio. One can say with conviction that experiences are no longer fringe, but core to today’s marketing. Havas’ big win in this area was helping Air France to deliver “Cinema to Go,” a service that lets frequent flyers finish movies that were interrupted by plane landings. Also worth noting: AAMI SmartPlates, one of the more sophisticated pieces of work we saw this year. Instead of the usual shock and scare tactics employed for traffic safety, the app personalizes driving instruction, training, and testing to create safer drivers through active behavior modification. Whirlpool showed the way to value creation via data-driven insights. Upon discovering the correlation between dirty clothing and poor school attendance, the brand hit upon the idea of bringing washing machines into schools so as to help students from low-income families buff up their academic performance. Pedigree took a lighter but equally compelling approach with their “Child Replacement Program,” a service that allows you to choose a rescue dog based on certain physical and behavioral attributes of your departing child. The the best ideas often come from unexpected places, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for them. Experience strategy, design, and delivery are an integral part of the modern marketer’s toolkit, on both the client and agency sides. VALUE WINS Cinema to Go BETC for Air France SmartPlates AAMI Care Counts Whirlpool Child Replacement Program Pedigree >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE Deeply understand your customer’s life, needs, and journey in the category. Enhance discovery with big data, platform insights and machine learning. Think how to complement core products with value-adding experiences.
  20. 20. ACTION POINTS FOR MARKETERS FEATURED CASES After a tumultuous 2016, Cannes Lions 2017 was abuzz with talk and work that revolved around the rights of people and the planet. Discussions of how best to create helpful solutions for disempowered peoples, minorities, communities, and the environment were front and center in and outside the Palais de Festival. Havas did well in this area with “Woman Interrupted,” a strong statement in the form of a mobile app that detects how many times men interrupt their female peers. “Fearless Girl” is probably no stranger to anyone in the industry and was deservedly one of the most successful campaigns at the festival. “Unsafety Check” for Black Lives Matter raised the topic of how safe, or unsafe, African Americans feel in the US. Continuing its theme of deeds not words, Amnesty International’s “Refugee Nation” created a whole new “country” populated by stateless refugees, and won big by bringing a squad of refugee athletes all the way to the Rio Olympics. Boost Mobile’s “Boost Your Voice” ingeniously remade the company’s stores into voting booths. And the “Åland Index” won a Grand Prix by introducing a system that calculates the environmental impact of an individual’s credit card purchases—an innovation that has caught the attention of MasterCard. Dominique Delport led a conversation with Minority Report production designer Alex McDowell about World Building and how the creatives of the future are builders not just of content, but of better, smarter futures. BETTER FUTURES Woman Interrupted Havas Refugee Nation Amnesty International Boost Your Voice Boost Åland Index Bank of Åland >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE >> SEE CASE HERE Consider causes your brand can credibly stand behind. Think concrete deeds, as these are often more effective than content. Join forces with third parties for credibility and strategic or technical expertise.
  21. 21. THANKS!