All About Air Plasma Cutters


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When you think of a machine that can do most of your repair jobs, efficiently and cleanly, you may want to make sure that you have an air plasma cutter, handy.

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All About Air Plasma Cutters

  1. 1. All About Air Plasma Cutters When you think of a machine that can do most of your repair jobs, efficiently and cleanly, you may want to make sure that you have an air plasma cutter, handy. It will be the air plasma cutter that can cut with a precision that is, unmatched. They are capable of cutting at extremely high speeds, helping you save both, time and money. This machine has the ability to cut the sharpest of corners. They can cut most steels and metals with ease and at high speeds, aiding in higher production rates for business owners. There are some plasma cutting devices that can actually cut metal in designs once thought, impossible. This machine can blow air at an extremely high rate from its nozzle creating an electrical arc. This arc is formed when the heated air becomes hot enough to melt the steel or any metal material. This air is compressed which makes it flow very fast from the torch, slicing the material in a highly polished look. There are several components that start up the pilot for the electrical arc or light most see when it is engaged. There is the on contact start up method, which will spark, once it comes in contact with the material. There is another common method that will spark the arc once the nozzle and the electrode have come into contact. Either method has its own safety precautions. With either method, you must use care because there are risks involved
  2. 2. for the operator. The operator may be electrocuted or come in contact with vast amounts of emissions. As with any procedure, they must make sure they inspect their equipment for defects, before using it. Once they have sparked their torch, they are ready to begin cutting their material. Depending on how thick or thin the source material is, will determine which type of torch is needed. The torch itself isn’t the only piece of equipment to determine the outcome of the job, so is the nozzle. The nozzle in recent times has been developed for much smaller arcs. These nozzles will help with detailed cutting needs that must be of the highest of quality. These nozzles are helpful to manufacturers in cost, being that once worked there isn’t much left to be finished. This will save in material and clean up. The air plasma cutter and other cutting systems aren’t as costly as they once were. They aren’t as expensive for the shop owner or manufacturer. These machines have become extremely popular and are now even found their way to many people who need them in their homes. They were once only available to those in the bigger industrial type settings, but now can be found in someone’s backyard dwelling or shed. They are available in several portable models, making them even more convenient to use. It is the air plasma cutter, that will help you because of their lighter designs. They have even been made more ergonomically for ease on the body of the operator. They are durable and will bring you the highest in quality when it comes to your metal that you cut. Source: cutters/what-is-an-air-plasma-cutter/