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Sugarsync bances


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Sugarsync bances

  1. 1. Technology for the 21st CenturySugarSync Éste es un programa basado tela y un uso downloadable que comencé a usar el año pasado.Permite que cree una carpeta en mi tablero del escritorio que pueda utilizar para ahorrar los archivos(documentos de la palabra, videos, música, cuadros, powerpoints, cualquier cosa). Cuando descargoSugarSync para trabajar la computadora, el ordenador personal y los teléfonos tendré acceso a misarchivos dondequiera que vaya. Con la función de la parte usted puede también permitir que la gentevea archivos particulares y realice cambios. Positivos:Fácil y rápido instalar puede tener acceso a archivos con la función de la parte del Internet nunca sevaya sin un archivo LibreNegativos: Más espacio de disco cuesta el dinero (solamente le no necesitará muy probablementemás espacio) Lleva tiempo los archivos de la sinc. Usted tiene que recordar colocar el archivo en su“cartera mágica” 1. Click y vaya a la web siti Click here to log into your account Click here to create a new account Click here to learn about the program Cheque aquí para mirar videos en diversos asuntos de SugarSync (cómo a haga diversas cosas). 2. Sign up for an account by clicking on the Sign Up button. Here is what you get. 3. At first glance you see there is a fee for SygarSync, never fear… free versions are here! Scroll down for this. Click here for 5GBs. This is more than enough space for most users
  2. 2. 4. After you click on Sign up you can create an account here: You can change this laterI usually use my schoolemail but had to dothis again to make thehandout. Be sure to make note of your password5. You will then need to download SugarSync to your computer. Click here to download program6. Select Run7. Wait for the file to download. Then press Open.8. Then select Run
  3. 3. 9. If necessary "Allow" the program to run. It is a pop-up that will something appear on your computer.10. Select your preferred language. I prefer English.11. Then you will see the install wizard. First screen click next.12. Agree to the user statement and then the program will load itself on the computer.13. You will then be asked to enter your username and password. Then press OK.14. You will then need to name the computer and give it an icon. You are asked to do this when syncing together multiple computers such as home, work, laptop, and phone.15. I am not selecting any folders to sync up because I do not want SugarSync to access them. I am only interested in SugarSync making a unique folder that I can have on each computer. SugarSync will call this the "Magic Briefcase".16. After clicking next you will be brought to a Sugar Sync Tour. You can skip the tour or take it, your choice.
  4. 4. 17. After the tour you are ready to go! Two icons should not be on the computer.Magic Briefcase - The one SugarSync Manager - Control whatfolder I sync from computer folders are synced and start sharingto computer. Put stuff here files/folders.and it will show up on all theother computers.18. Magic Briefcase. Double click on the Magic Briefcase icon on the desktop. It will open a window that shows all the files you in your Magic Briefcase. This will be the same on every computer you have loaded SugarSync.19. If you want to put a file in your Magic Briefcase (then have access to it on all your SugarSync loaded computers) just click and drag the file into the open folder.
  5. 5. I am dragging the file bathroom.xls into the Magic Briefcase so I will have it at work the next day. 20. The SugarSync Manager - This will also give you access to your files you have put in your Magic Briefcase (click on Magic Briefcase along the left side of the window and the files appear). You can also use this to share documents with other people. Select between different Click here to share files Synced computersAccess Magic Briefcase Click here to make a backup of important files on the internet 21. To share a file select the file and then click on Share at the top of the window. It will open up an internet window (see below). Type in the email address of the person you want to share with as well as a message if you would like. Right now you are saying this looks like an email with an attachment. This is true, however, many email programs (our school outlook included) have a maximum file size you can send. SugarSync will allow you to share large files like complex powerpoints and movies. Type the email here File being shared Click Send when ready 22. The system will send an email you your friend. They will be able to click on a link and view the file.
  6. 6. 23. It will open up a web browser and allow you to download the file.24. You can also Back-Up files by copying them to the Web Archive folder. Click on Web Archive and then drag (or copy) files to the window. This will give you an secure copy of the file that can be accessed any ware with internet access.25. What if you are using a public computer and do not want to download SugarSync? All this can be done through a web browser! Go to http://www.sugarsync.com26. To log into your account click on Log In which can be found on the top right corner of the screen.27. Here is the Log In screen. Type in your email and password then Login.28. You will see a web version of the SugarSync Manager that will allow you to upload, download, and share files.29. You can also share an entire folder. In this case the Magic Briefcase. When you click on Share Folder you will send an email to another person. This person will have to sign up for SugarSync but then will be able to place the folder on their computer. When they make changes to the files on the folder it will also make changes to the files on your computer. This would allow you to collaborate with other teachers to make a test, homework assignment, powerpoint presentation, movie, and so on. Neat huh?30. To unshare a folder (you do not want to share with someone anymore). Click on Shared Folders.
  7. 7. 31. Then click on Owned By Me32. And then the file you want to no longer share with others.33. Click on Sharing Options34. And click on the Unshare link to unshare with everyone or you can also remove individual users by clicking on Remove next to each users email.
  8. 8. 35. Now, download SugarSync at home on your phone and the school computer. Whenever you want to make a file that can be accessed anywhere be sure to put it in the Magic Briefcase.Uses in class: