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Open teacher education


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Open teacher education

  1. 1. Open Education
  2. 2. A Relevant ExperimentClassrooms (including university teachereducation classrooms) are often private placesThis has its pros and cons!I’m trying the experiment, this semester, ofconducting my teacher education practice in amore open way
  3. 3. Open EducationThis process has a few dimensions: All (most) PowerPoint slideshows from the course will be shared on Slideshare I will blog about my teaching (among many other things) at I have created, and will maintain and participate in, an open discussion forum at
  4. 4. Open ForumThe forum is primarily intended for students in‘my’ courses this year – both Semester One andSemester TwoIt has the advantage of being able to continuethroughout and beyond your time at GriffithIt is also open to the world, which means otherpeople interested in education can be invited andparticipate – teacher education students andteacher educators elsewhere, practicing teachersand many more
  5. 5. Integration with Formal CoursesParticipation in any facet of the Open Educationexperiment is not marked or required as part ofeither 7032EDN – Middle Years ScienceCurriculum or 7801EDN – Teaching and Learningin the Middle YearsSimilarly for 7033EDN – Senior SecondaryScience 1 and 7035EDN – Senior SecondaryScience 2 in Semester 2Participation is completely voluntary – intendedto help you
  6. 6. ResearchIn the interests of increased openness, I will notbe using any ‘data’ (posts) at the forum forresearch purposes. This means you will not beasked to sign a consent form to participate. (Youwill be asked to agree to abide by the Terms andConditions of the site when you register.)I might write about my own experience with OpenEducation, but will not quote, describe or identifyyou: I will be writing about myself, for which I giveconsent.
  7. 7. Who Am I?Let’s start with a discussion topic:As I’ll be talking about in the Week 2 lecture, ‘weteach out of who we are’Learning to teach is an ‘identity project’: aprocess of developing a new identity as ateacherWe’ll get to your teacher identity soon, but let’sjust start with a personal identity – ‘Who am I?’I’ll get the ball rolling, and others have too