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Curriculum and syllabus


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Curriculum and syllabus

  1. 1. Curriculum and Syllabus
  2. 2. Curriculum vs Syllabus The syllabus is the document handed down by the government that mandates what must be taught and how it must be assessed. It also makes suggestions for how it must be taught The curriculum is developed by the teacher or teaching team and is made up of the experiences students will have in the course (This distinction has been broken by the National Curriculum – which is really a syllabus)
  3. 3. Definitions of ‘curriculum’ That which is taught in schools A set of subjects Content A program of studies A set of materials A sequence of courses A set of performance objectives A course of study
  4. 4.  Everything that goes on within the school, including extra-class activities, guidance, and interpersonal relationships Everything that is planned by school personnel A series of experiences undergone by learners in a school That which an individual learner experiences as a result of schooling Definitions of ‘curriculum’
  5. 5. Schubert - Images of Curriculum(a) curriculum as content or subject matter,(b) curriculum as a program of planned activities,(c) curriculum as intended learning outcomes,(d) curriculum as cultural reproduction,(e) curriculum as discrete tasks and concepts,(f) curriculum as an agenda for social reconstruction, and(g) curriculum as "currere" (interpretation of lived experience)
  6. 6. Hidden Curriculum Things students learn in school that are not part of the written curriculum Includes things like behaviour, collaboration, teamwork, testwiseness Also includes ‘rules of the game’, implicit expectations, prejudices Can be positive and negative
  7. 7. Curriculum Development Ideally a collaborative process Based on the syllabus Don’t reinvent the wheel Do use your freedom On-going adaptive process