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Unit 1.3 day 2 constitution articles (daily sheet 2)


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Unit 1.3 Day 2 PPT

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Unit 1.3 day 2 constitution articles (daily sheet 2)

  2. 2. Constitution (write down)
  3. 3. Separation of Powers
  4. 4. Article I (write down)
  5. 5. Article I Creating a Congress  Article I is the 1st and longest part of the Constitution. This is because the people who wrote the Constitution recognized that a legislative branch is important in a government that represents the citizens. Members of Congress are responsible for turning the wants and needs of the people into laws.
  6. 6. Article I   This branch makes our govt. a representative democracy. In a representative democracy, citizens elect people to represent their concerns in Congress. Article I tells us that the legislature is divided into 2 parts: the Senate and the House of Representatives.  It describes how Congress should be organized, states qualifications necessary for a person to serve, and tells how often Congress should hold elections and meet as a group.
  7. 7. Article I (write down)
  8. 8. Article I (write down) Congressional Power!  Article I gives Congress a list of specific powers...  Collect taxes  Borrow $/pay debts  Make rules for citizenship  Regulate trade w/ other nations, between states, and with Indian tribes  Coin money/punish counterfeiters  Establish post offices
  9. 9. Article I (write down)  Give patents to new inventions  Create the lower federal courts  Punish pirates  Declare war, support an army and navy  Make any other laws that are “necessary and proper” to carry out the powers in this list.