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TESCO's Next Generation Test Equipment for the Next Generation of Meters, Standards, and System Functionality


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TESCO has been working very hard to develop new products and services to become the primary outside metering resource for electric utilities. In this presentation, we feature 16 new products that will be released this year.

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TESCO's Next Generation Test Equipment for the Next Generation of Meters, Standards, and System Functionality

  1. 1. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 New Product Update Next Generation Test Equipment for the Next Generation of Meters , Standards and System Functionality Prepared by Tom Lawton, TESCO The Eastern Specialty Company for the Manufacturer’s Forum at EEI Monday, October 2, 2017 at 3 p.m.
  2. 2. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 TESCO’s Mission TESCO’s Mission is to become the primary outside Metering Resource for electric utilities throughout North America •Toward this end we have been working very hard to develop new products and services as we see the need and as customers point this need out to us. •This year we will release sixteen new products. •This does not count new features on existing products, although some are a continuation of one or more product lines. •Some are decidedly “low tech” tools for meter techs •Some are decidely “high tech” tools for meter engineers •Some are a combination of the two •And some have taken our knowledge of metering and energy measurement and expanded this into new fields that are only recently becoming a part of our industry niche, including street lights and electric vehicles Slide 2
  3. 3. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Products and Services Released and to be Released This Year • 3D Printing Services • Meter Manager PPE and Meter Manager Lite • Gas Meter Farm • Retrofitting AMI Meters with antenna's for improved communication • Hot Socket Repair Kit • Hot Socket Gap Indicator • Switchboard Meter Adapter • Back Connected Test Switch • New Generation Test Switch for lock out/tag out applications Slide 3 • A-Base Test Board Adapter • Next Generation Meter Qualification Boards • 2199 Desktop Meter Qualification Board • 2990 Desktop Test Station • Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Calibration and testing devices • Calibration Services • Meter Engineering Board and next generation demand and time run boards • Next Generation Meter Test Board
  4. 4. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 4 3D Printing Services A utility sought TESCO’s help in resolving a field safety issue. When a cover to a meter box was inadvertently put back incorrectly, it created a dangerous situation when opened again, allowing the cover to fall past the live jaws, frequently resulting in a hazardous arc flash, or striking the meter tech in the foot. TESCO came up with something to easily secure the cover that could be easily removed when the job is completed. An injection mold was created and by using TESCO’s 3D Printing Services, every meter and field tech had one within their service territory as a safety precaution when removing a residential meter. With the TESCO 3D printing service you will be able to: •Transform ideas into finished product quickly •Address safety needs with full function 3D rapid prototypes •Customize parts and tools without delays or tooling modifications •Shrink a development process from months and years to a matter of days or weeks.
  5. 5. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 5 Meter Manager – Lite and for PPE TESCO’s 25+ years of experience creating software for electric, gas, and water utilities has helped create a lifetime inventory and asset management with Meter Manager that seamlessly integrates with all metering operations. Let Meter Manager Assist You With: •Inventory and asset management •Integration with Test Boards •Hand-held and mobile devices •Meter Shop and Field Operations •Personal Protection Equipment asset tracking and testing schedules and compliance •Managing and tracking of all equipment requiring calibration and associated due dates
  6. 6. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 6 Gas Meter Farms • Gas Meter Farms are population management tools in a post-deployment AMI world and a certification tool before, during and even after an AMI deployment. • Gas meter farms will allow the Meter Service department to track long-term performance of installed meters, assist in diagnosing issues found in the field population, and certify initial meters prior to deployment as well as future generations of meters after deployment. • A properly set-up gas meter farm will have test collectors and head end systems which allow testing of new firmware and hardware for this portion of an AMI system as well. • Gas meter farms can be build to accommodate residential, commercial, and rotary meters. These farms are also a valid means for AMI functional testing of water meters.
  7. 7. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 7 Retrofitting AMI Meters - Antenna TESCO is working hard with our customers to resolve all of their metering issues, including the retrofit of AMI meters with antennas. TESCO has worked with numerous utilities and AMI platforms to develop an antenna solution and strategy to perform these retrofits. We work with the utility and the manufacturer to ensure our retrofit is controlled and approved, ensuring that all manufacturer warranties are maintained both during and after the retrofit. TESCO has assisted in the evaluation and recommendation of components to be used and the various lengths of antennas to be used for the field to simplify procurement and stocking while minimizing the overall program cost. In an ideal world, once AMI Deployments are finished the reads are 100.0%. However, this is not always the case. Every network system, including mesh and point-multipoint, has holes. Some are intermittent and others are more persistent.
  8. 8. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 8 Hot Socket Repair Kit TESCO continues to lead the industry with research into and ways to deal with hot sockets. TESCO is pleased to introduce Basic and Pro versions of a Hot Socket Repair Kit to give your meter technicians the tools they need to deal with hot sockets encountered during an AMI deployment or through the course of ongoing operations. BASIC KIT INCLUDES: · 1-Anchor 200A Socket Block Equiv · 1-Durham 200A Socket Block Equiv · 1-Milbank 200A Socket Block Equiv · 1-L+G, Siemens, B&C 200A Socket Block Equiv · 1-Superior 200A Socket Block Equiv · 2-Large SS Swinging Latch—Cover Repair · 2-Small SS Swinging Latch—Cover Repair · 2-SS Permanent Latches—Socket Can Repair · 7-Blade Guides · 6-Terminals (jaws not tapped) · 1-Gasket for meter to cover, round 5-6” · 5-pack Socket Safety Clips · 1-1/4” Steel Hole Seal · 3/4” Steel Hole Seal BASIC KIT (Continued): · Rivet Kit · (one) 1/2” Nut Driver · Hex Nut Driver Set with Handle · 6-#10x1-12” Hex Head Metal Screws · 6-#10x1” Hex Head Self Tapping · Protective Aluminum Carrying Case PRO KIT INCLUDES: · Everything in the Basic Kit PLUS: · 1-Anchor 125A Socket Block Equiv · 40-pack TESCO Socket Safety Clips (instead of 5-pack in Basic Kit) · 1-TESCO Cat#300 Hot Socket Gap Indicator · 1000V Insulated 3-piece Screw Driver Set
  9. 9. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 9 Switchboard Meter Adapters TESCO and SUSI Adapters have partnered to provide a patented solution to help with installing AMI meters in switchboard meters. We started with the L+G S4X meter, which we incorporated into our newly designed, universal, front loading, switchboard adapter and enclosure. This adapter and enclosure is compatible with all major meter manufacturers and forms, and comes with a variety of cover options. Optional KYZ outputs and external antenna connections are also available, all while maintaining the original warranty from the meter manufacturer. Key Benefits: •Direct fit replacement •Easy installation. No re-wiring or de-energizing •Simplifies maintenance, testing and replacement •Modified S-base adapter with meter can be removed from the front without removing the switchboard enclosure •Built in test switch connections to bypass the meter for service testing •Internal plug connections are incorporated into the adapter, eliminating the need to unwire the KYZ connections to service or exchange the meter •Designed to accommodate multiple AMI network configurations with or without external antenna connections •Multiple wiring terminations available to accommodate virtually any type of connection configuration required
  10. 10. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 10 Back Connected Test Switch TESCO is your source for all of your test switch needs, even the smaller quantities or “special applications.” TESCO can provide your Back Connected Test Switches for either substation application or replacements for other, older applications you may have. Designed so the switch is mounted on one side of a panel and insulated studs project from the opposite side of the switch, TESCO’s Back Connected Test Switch allows wiring to be connected to those rear-projecting studs.
  11. 11. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 11 New Generation Test Switch for Lock Out/Tag Out Application A customer wanted to install a test switch as a lockout/tagout device for all electrical services. A clear plastic “lockout” enclosure surrounds the switch. This enclosure can be locked with the switch in the closed or open positions. When service is being performed on the installation the cover is locked with the switch in the open position ensuring no accidental closure of the service while a tech is working on it. Key Benefits: •Easily and safely lockout the electrial equipment •Ensure safe maintenance and servicing of your electrical equipment •Prevent electrical shock related injuries or fatalities that can occur during maintenance and servicing tasks Switch Closed & Locked Opened Access Switch Open & Locked
  12. 12. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 12 A-Base Test Board Adapter From time to time, you may find yourself needing to test A-Base meters. Or perhaps you will need to test them for the first time in years as part of a removal project. TESCO can help! •If the quantity is small, we can test them in our shop for you •If the quantity is larger, we have an A-Base Test Board Adapter Features: •Easy-to-use •30 amp •Cat# XXX (single phase) accommodates forms 1A, 2A, 3A, and 12A •Cat# XXX (polyphase) accommodates forms 4A, 5A, 6A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 13A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 17A, 18A, 29A, 35A, 36A, 45A, 46A, and 48A •Please contact us for other forms •Can be used on ALL TESCO Meter Test Boards, RFL 5800s, and most WECO test boards •Current Drive: 0.001A to 50A RMS, 75A PK with options up to 320A •Dimensions: approximately 7” x 4.5” x 12.5” •Weighs less than 5 pounds
  13. 13. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Hot Socket Detector – embedded in a Meter 1. Arcing emits broadband energy in the form of radio waves, spectrum of which is “pink noise”, where intensity falls off with increasing frequency. This is widely discussed in the literature. 2. Launching radio waves requires a disturbance in the electric and magnetic fields near where the arc occurs (the near-field space). 3. Our sensor couples through air with the near field electric and magnetic fields. Those changing fields induce a signal in our circuit. 4. Tesco arc sensor is situated within the influence of the near-field space around where the arcing can occur. We easily detect arcing from any jaw-socket interface at the meter socket. Slide 13
  14. 14. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 14 Next Generation Meter Qualification Board • Power-up and apply load to electric watt-hour meters for functionality testing with TESCO’s multi-position Meter Qualification Boards (MQBs). These boards assist with AMI Meter Certification process and AMI meter qualification and communication testing. • Available in functional test, series parallel, and true three-phase configurations, these boards can be banked together to provide any number of sockets required. Disconnect testing is standard on all TESCO MQBs and each socket position is designed to accommodate any meter form requested. • The new waveform generator has all waveforms called out in ANSI C12.20-2015 (published April 2017). • Optional software allows the user to program test scripts that permit users to run extended, predefined test protocols.
  15. 15. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 15 2199 Desktop Meter Qualification Board Providing complete capabilities for evaluating meters and communications performance, TESCO’s 2199 Desktop Meter Qualification Board can generate any voltage and load conditions the meter may encounter in the field. Apply non-sinusoidal voltages with complex load waveforms. Perform disconnect tests and reconnect tests without having to worry about being able to drive the meter’s switches. If you liked TESCO’s 2100, then you will love the new 2199 Desktop Meter Station. The 2199 provides every option possible on a 2100 plus much more including: · Voltages that are completely programmable from 30-480 volts · Loads that are completely programmable from 0-50 amps · Standard disconnect/reconnect testing · A zero insertion force socket (electrically operated) · The most lightweight and portable desktop meter station available The 2199 is a single position desktop meter station that meets all of your meter evaluation needs.
  16. 16. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 16 2990 Desktop Meter Station •Tired of waiting for access to a production test board? Tired of wasting time going to another building to use test equipment? Need flexibility, state-of-the-art performance, and ease of use? If so, then TESCO’s revolutionary 2990 Desktop Meter Test Station is the answer to what you need. •The 2990 revolutionizes meter testing by providing full series parallel meter testing in a small, budget-friendly desktop package. •A fully ANSI compliant test board, the 2990 offers complete testing of all meters under the widest range of test conditions. The new waveform generator has all waveforms called out in ANSI C12.20-2015 (pub. 4/2017). All common electromechanical and solid state meters up to 50 amps can be tested with the 2990 using the single voltage and three isolated current sources. The 2990 provides state-of-the-art meter accuracy testing in an affordable desktop configuration.
  17. 17. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 17 Electric Vehicle Service Equipment TESCO has more than 110 years of experience in designing and building devices to test the accuracy of electrical measurement devices for the utility industry. From that knowledge and expertise, TESCO has developed a means to check the accuracy and calibration of Electric Vehicle Chargers. TESCO’s family of Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Testers provide complete test capabilities for EVSE systems conforming to J1772_201602. Fully compliant with Handbook 44 provisions, they test the accuracy of energy delivered using a transactional model. Full communication signal analysis and safety checking of the EVSE connection is provided. TESCO currently offers the following testers: · T100: Tests AC Level 1 and Level 2 test systems up to 32 amps maximum current · T200: Tests AC Level 1 and Level 2 systems up to 64 amps maximum current · T400: Tests AC Level 1 and AC Level 2 systems up to 64 amps maximum current and DC Fast Charge systems up to 32 amps at 500 VDC
  18. 18. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 18 Calibrations Services TESCO offers Calibration Services, too! •You can send your equipment to TESCO and we will measure the device against standards •We can adjust if need be within estimated tolerances •ISO17025
  19. 19. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 19 Meter Engineering Boards TESCO Meter Engineering Boards apply voltage to all appropriate stabs and isolated currents to all phases of electric meters so they can be energized, enabling them to be checked out by meter technicians. An internal reference standard enables meter engineers to perform more in-depth testing of meters. Capabilities: •The MEB facilitates the following meter shop functions in high volume: • New AMI/AMR meter settings check-out • Meter program updates • Software revision checking for both the meter and the communications module • Communications module troubleshooting • Checking of problem meters for open/shorted elements •The MEB gives the user the ability to check meter response to: • Varying loads over long periods of time to simulate brown out and surge conditions • Harmonic waveforms (can download custom harmonic waveforms through PC interface) • Meter power on/off cycling •The MEB gives engineers the ability to: • Run baseline meter accuracy tests • Run comparative accuracy tests under widely varying loading conditions
  20. 20. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Slide 20 Meter Test Boards TESCO’s Meter Test Board is a state-of-the-art meter test system offering unsurpassed functionality and ease of use. All of the features you will ever need to test today’s and tomorrow’s meters are standard on TESCO’s Meter Test Boards. Capabilities: •The Meter Test Board facilitates the following meter shop functions in high volume: • New AMI/AMR meter settings check-out • Meter program updates • Software revision checking for both the meter and the communications module • Communications module troubleshooting • Checking of problem meters for open/shorted elements •The Meter Test Board gives the user the ability to check meter response to: • Varying loads over long periods of time to simulate brown out and surge conditions • Harmonic waveforms (can download custom harmonic waveforms through PC interface) • Meter power on/off cycling • Phasor distortion •The Meter Test Board gives engineers the ability to: • Run standard meter accuracy tests • Run complex meter accuracy tests under widely varying loading conditions
  21. 21. Metering. Leader...Since 1904 Questions and Discussion We are working very hard to become “everything but the meter.” We want to be the resource you turn to first when you have any meter related questions or requirements. Tom Lawton TESCO – The Eastern Specialty Company Bristol, PA 215-688-0298 (cell) 215-785-2338 (office) This presentation can also be found on the TESCO web site: Slide 21