The Characteristic of A Good Drama - 1st Formative Task


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A PPT about the characteristic of a good drama - 1st Formative Task of Group Drama 2, PYP Exhibition Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya.

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The Characteristic of A Good Drama - 1st Formative Task

  1. 1. The Characteristics Of A Good Drama By: Drama 2 (Howard, William, Aldo, Nigel)
  2. 2. Contents Definition of Drama Elements of Drama Characteristics of A Good Drama Conclusion Bibliography
  3. 3. Drama is a type of art that expresses emotions and different human activities in a performance.
  4. 4. Elements Of Drama Theme Plot Characters Dialogue Music Visual Element Diction Melody Spectacle
  5. 5. Theme In a drama the theme is like the central idea. It may stated during the dialogue or it can be known after finish watching the performance.
  6. 6. PLOT The plot is the arrangement of event that happens during the play.
  7. 7. Characters in the story twist the plot and give it its own personality.
  8. 8. Dialogue  The dialogue is created by the playwright and narrates the story to the audience.
  9. 9. Music is sometimes an important element of drama. It contains melody and uses sounds, rhythm. Dialogue may be sung to music.
  10. 10. Visual Element The visual element deals with the scenes, costumes, and special effects used.
  11. 11. Diction is used by the performers. Their diction shows their use of language and command of metaphor.
  12. 12. Melody is connected to music. It is like another character in the play and can reflect the action on the stage.
  13. 13. Spectacle Spectacle is the least important element in drama but it is still used. It can help the audience to be engaged in a spectacular or dramatic effect.
  14. 14. THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD DRAMA Emotion Pronunciation Facial Expression Story
  15. 15. A good drama performance must have emotions. That is one of the important components.
  16. 16. Lines must also be pronounced well enough to be heard and understood, even at the back of the audience.
  17. 17. Facial expressions and movements must be developed. We should not overreact when we are performing on the stage.
  18. 18. The story has to be simple but meaningful. It could be funny or serious but it needs to show expression.
  19. 19. Conclusion After searching for information from the web and interviewing an expert we now know that the characteristics of a good drama are - • a meaningful narration/story • appropriate emotions in acting • good and clear pronunciation • facial expressions and movements • attractive props • supporting music and background.
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