Braulio Medina at Insight Innovation Exchange São Paulo (iiex)


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Presentation of Braulio Medina, co-founder of Vortio at Insight Innovation Exchange São Paulo

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Braulio Medina at Insight Innovation Exchange São Paulo (iiex)

  1. 1. Advances in SocialMedia ListeningBraulio MedinaMathematician (PUC-RIO - TU Darmstadt)Co-founder of @bmedinadias
  2. 2. How can we compare brands? Cold Metrics Warm Metrics‣Market value ‣Sentiment‣Market share ‣Emotional bonding‣Revenue ‣Target relevance‣Profit ‣Sustainability‣Price ‣Awareness Measure Measure Numbers Opinions
  3. 3. What changed with social media? It allows us to understand the opinion of the crowd almost instantaneouslyWhat is wrong with social media measurement?We are approaching it as a cold metric problem
  4. 4. Heineken X Budweiser (15-28 february) Distribution of Twitter mentions about these brands‣ 91K mentions 26.5K 55K ‣ 77K mentions 12.4K 1.9K 8.5K 1.7K 1.8K 1.6K‣ USA 15% ‣ USA 58%‣ Brazil 13% 0.9K 0.3K ‣ Canada 11%‣ Turkey 7% ‣ UK 5%‣ Spain 6% Data obtained from ‣ Brazil 4%‣ Netherlands 5% ‣ France 1%
  5. 5. How do we get true insights withouthaving to read hundreds of thousandsof conversations?To answer this question, we thinkthat basic statistics and naïvesentiment analysis are notenough
  6. 6. We decided to study how information spreads Douglas Hofstaedter Aaron Lynch Susan Blackmore Mathematician & Mathematician & Psychologist physician philosopher The meme Metamagical Themas Thought Contagion machine1976 1985 1996 1996 1997 1999 Richard Brodie Microsoft Executive Journal ofRichard Dawkins Virus of the mind: The MemeticsThe Selfish Gene new science of the meme And we found out that memes reveal us a lot
  7. 7. A meme is a unit of information that spreadsIt can be a video, an image or a textual idea
  8. 8. This is a text meme that spread on Twitter Love Is Like ADIDAS And NIKE . " Nothing Is ImpossibLe , JUST DO IT Life is like Adidas and Nike. "Nothing Is Impossible, so Just Do It. √ :) True Life = Adidas + Nike → "Nothing is impossible" so "Just Do It"Adidas said " Nothing is impossible" so Nike came up and said " Just do it Life=Adidas+Nike> "nothing is impossible" so "just do it" How can we spot clusters automatically?
  9. 9. Raw dataClustering Engine Insights
  10. 10. We chose the stream graph visualizationtechnique to represent each cluster/meme Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 Cluster 4 Sum of the conversations in a stream graph
  11. 11. Benefits of analysing social media clusters• More precise and much faster• Classify in bulk - classify whole clusters instead of single mention• Straightforward disambiguation (eg Visa is a brand but it also means work permit)• Powerful sentiment metric (weighted average of clusters sentiment score)• Visualization of dominant topics in a timeline
  12. 12. Most important benefit of analysingsocial media clusters Quickly obtain insights for decision making
  13. 13. Same approach can be used Job Interview Feb 2013 The Worst Proof that @heineken_uk is totally out of touch. Ever, Brought to You by Heineken (92 mentions) (1032mentions) I liked a @YouTube video Heineken - The Candidate (175 mentions)The best job interview processever by #Heineken(73 mentions) Why Heineken Understands the Importance of Employee Culture (53 mentions) Feb 2013 I just wanted to apologize to all the people Budweiser being sued who had to replace their Budweiser Red for watering down its Light bulb after yesterdays debacle (4.985 beer mentions) (> 4.000 mentions)The Budweiser Clydesdalecommercial gets me teary Beer lovers in class-action lawsuits accuseevery time(1.500 mentions)Anheuser-Busch of watering down its Budweiser, Michelob and other brands (1.066 mentions)
  14. 14. The Worst Job # mentions: 22.321 Interview Ever, Brought to # clusters found: You by Heineken Language: english (1032mentions) Sentiment: very positive Influencer: @mashable Country: USA Sentiment: positive I liked a @YouTube video Heineken - The Candidate (175 mentions) The best job interview process ever by #Heineken (73 mentions) Heineken Music Hall (107 mentions) Proof that @heineken_uk is totally out of touch. Pass theneedle & thread, our sides are splitting! #DoYourResearch (92 mentions) Why Heineken Understands the Importance of Employee Culture (53 mentions)
  15. 15. Influencer: @brains9 Country: Brasil # mentions: 6.780 Sentiment: very positive # clusters found: Language: portuguese Sentiment: very positive Heineken realiza entrevista de emprego nada convencional para contratar estagiário (264 mentions) Então tá tudo bem Tomando uma Heineken (171 mentions)Heineken exige que estagiário salva uma vida antes de ser contratado (256 mentions) Heineken simula desmaio de entrevistador e incêndio para contratar estagiário Other clusters about “The (172 mentions) Candidate” (> 500 mentions)
  16. 16. Me sumo al grupo de consumidores que dejan de# mentions: 10.992 tomar Cerveza Heineken por patrocinar peleas de perros# clusters found: (93 mentions)Language: spanish Influencers: @tutunelo, @sangrevn, @elkriticSentiment: very positive on Country: Argentina Sentiment: very negative Heineken y su original proceso de selección The Heineken hace sudar a sus Candidate aspirantes a becario en su campaña (158 mentions) "The candidate"(224 mentions) The Candidate, la nueva campaña de Heineken para contratar a un empleado (148 mentions) Escucha cariño, nuestra canción. —Pero es el himno de la Champions League. —Tú cállate...le estoy hablando a mi cerveza Heineken !!! (112 mentions) Heineken revoluciona las entrevistas de trabajo: The Candidate (89mentions)
  17. 17. # mentions: 51.004 # clusters found: Language: english Sentiment: very negative Beer lovers in class-action lawsuits accuse Anheuser-Busch of watering down its Budweiser, Michelob and other brands (1.066 mentions) The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial gets me teary every just wanted to apologize to all the I time(1.500 mentions) people who had to replace their Budweiser Red Light bulb after yesterdays debacle (4.985 mentions)Bud light.. Budweiser.. I dont give a fuck. Its all beer. Pass me a coozie (713 mentions) Influencer: @brains9 Country: BrasilSentiment: very positive Budweiser accused of watering down its beer? No shocked faces here Budweiser being sued for watering (1.003 mentions) down its beer Influencer: @brewdog (> 3.000 mentions)
  18. 18. # mentions: 1.882# clusters found:Language: portuguese Budweiser: fabricante éSentiment: very negative acusado de colocar mais água na cerveja. Marca é processada nos EUA Influencer: @estadao (130 mentions) AB Inbev é acusada de ‘aguar’ a Budweiser (68 mentions)A primeira a ser comprada foi a Ambev quer dobrar produçãoBUDWEISER, depois o BURGER KING e de Budweiser no Brasil até 2014agora o HEINZ. (29 mentions)(38 mentions) AB InBev é acusada de adicionar água demais e diminuir teor alcoólico da Budweiser (26 mentions)
  19. 19. # mentions: 1.882# clusters found: 5 Budweiser acusada en EEUU deLanguage: spanish aguar su cervezaSentiment: negative (145 mentions) Influencer: @elespectador La cerveza Budweiser, puede ser utilizada como acondicionador para el cabello (145 mentions) La Cerveza Budweiser está Acusan a Budweiser de vender inspirada en una ciudad de la cerveza aguada(120 mentions) República Checa llamada Budweis. (118 mentions)
  20. 20. Meme dimensions analysis Analysis of 22.321tweets about Heineken and 51.004 tweets about Budweiser in english -100% 0 +100%Dimension:Emotions Hatred LovePrestige Low HighSincerity Dishonest Honest
  21. 21. Similarly, we can analyse allconversations that mention beer
  22. 22. The average human walks 900 miles per year and Beer is like drinks 22 gallons of sex, when its good beer.That means that the its good, when its God is great, beer is good, people average human gets 41 bad its still good. are crazy miles per gallon.Not bad. Beer lovers accuse Anheuser-Busch ofGot my toes in the watering down brewswater, ass in the, not a worry inthe world, cold You know I like mybeer in my hand! chicken fried, a coldLife is good today! beer on a Friday nightTracked keyword: BEERLanguage: ENGLISHNumber of mentions: 98.343 Main associations found: EntertainmentNumber of clusters with at least 20 • Funsimilar mentions: 212Number of mentions in the clusters: • Pleasure11.895 • LifestylePeriod: February 15th to 28th
  23. 23. Hijo!! ¡hueles a cerveza! - Y que querías. ¿¡que con el dinero que me diste oliera a whisky?La bebida alcohólica que más Beber cerveza no estácalma la sed es la ¡Camarero! ¿tiene alitas? —Sí, señor ligado al aumento decerveza, porque su principal —Pues tráigame una cerveza ¡Pero peso y es beneficiosocomponente es agua (93%) volando! puto JAJAJAJAJÁ. para la salud El consumo moderado de cerveza beneficia al embarazo, la lactancia, la menopausia y ayuda a combatir el Alzheimer keyword: CERVEZALanguage: SPANISH Main associations found: HealthNumber of mentions: 119.775Number of clusters with at least 20similar mentions: 353 • Beer has no correlation to weight gainNumber of mentions in the clusters:36.858 • Drinking beer is healthyPeriod: February 15th to 28th
  24. 24. Ein durchschnittlicher "20 Bier, 1 Slayer-Album Deutscher geht im Jahr und Kippen? Ausweis 1550km und trinkt 107 Liter bitte." "Hier. Ich bin 42." Bier. Macht einen Verbrauch "Danke. Mich interessiert von 6,9l/100km. nur Ihre Adresse. Dann bis heute Abend." Ich brauche einen Ärger für Anheuser- Mann, dem ich Busch: Brauereikonzern "Hier, halt mal soll #Bier mit Wasser grad mein Bier!" gestreckt haben bei einer Kneipenschlägerei Buch übers Trinken: Im sagen kann. sakralen Bereich der Bier- Magie... Die 2 Gründe warum Männer Bier trinken. 1. Sie haben keine Frau 2. Sie haben eine Frau Deutsch for Drinkers: "Bier" = beer. "Wein" = not beer.Tracked keyword: BIERLanguage: GERMAN Main associations found: HEAVY USAGENumber of mentions: 12.233Number of clusters with at least 10 • Beer drinking is a strong characteristicsimilar mentions: 44 of the german cultureNumber of mentions in the clusters:1.604Period: February 15th to 28th
  25. 25. Bilancio del primo tempo Se non hai la birra puoi visto da #Pilsen. Zero palle sempre trovare del vino o gol, possesso di palla #barca del whisky o delle 70%, possesso birra 100% sigarette, ma se non hai amore non hai un cazzo. Class action contro[X] Ho bevuto birra. [] Budweiser, aggiungereHo fumato una e acqua nella birra.sigaretta intera. [] Misono drogato. [X] Hoscritto sul muro di unbagno. Ok, birra era la risposta... Ma non mi ricordo più quale fosse la domanda.Tracked keyword: BIRRALanguage: ITALIAN Main associations found: FOOTBALLNumber of mentions: 8.511Number of clusters with at least 10 • Drinking beer and watching footballsimilar mentions: 50 • Substitute drugs like cigarretes or otherNumber of mentions in the clusters:1.224 alcoholical beveragesPeriod: February 15th to 28th
  26. 26. Different cultures, different behavioursBased on our 2-week analysis, it seems that mostAmericans drink beer to relax and feel goodItalians drink beer because of relationship problemsBrazilians drink beer to partySpanish speakers consider beer drinking healthyGermans drink beer to fuel their bodiesFrench drink beer because it tastes good
  27. 27. These insights can help usCalculate and compare brand metricsUnderstand the consumerUnderstand the performance on midia channelsMinimize reputational riskBuild meaningful conversations
  28. 28.