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Menu higia restaurant dinner


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Menu higia restaurant dinner

  1. 1. Higía Salads Mixed Green Salad with figs and Parmesan $10.50 Roasted Vegetable Salad & yogurt pesto dressing $13.50 Thai Chicken Salad $13.50 Smoked Salmon Salad with Arugula, sliced Pears & Grapes $14.00 Soups Pumpkin & Rosemary Soup $5.50 Sweet Potato Soup & Ginger $5.50 Onion Soup with Almonds $6.00 Potato and Leak Soup with Shrimps $6.50 Lentil soup with walnuts and sun dried tomatoes $ 5.50 Vegetarian Dishes Baked potato stuffed with wild mushrooms stew $ 10.00 Zucchini filled with Ricotta & Almonds $12.00 Yucca & Beans Burger with Mango & Passion Fruit Topping $10.00 Polenta cakes with Zucchini Sauce $9.50Turkish Eggplant with Pine nuts & Raisins on a bed of Dill Couscous $13.50 Sale and service tax are not included
  2. 2. Higía Non Vegetarian Dishes Red Snapper Papillote served with julienne vegetables $14.00 Steamed Tilapia served with curried Cherry Tomatoes & Onions $13.00Steamed Trout with Citrus, Ginger, Palm Heart & Sautéed Vegetables $15.00 Mi-cuit Tuna served over Sautéed Spinach $17.50 Tuna Tartar with Avocado & Mango $18.00 Grilled Maple Glazed Salmon served over Chayote $17.50 Chicken with Tangerine Sauce served with Steamed Green Beans $15.50 Desserts Mango & Strawberry Millefeuille $7.00 Stuffed Peach with seasonal fruits & Sunflower Seeds $5.25 Organic Chocolate & Walnuts Truffles $4.25 Chocolate Fondant over black berry coulis $5.25 Pineapple Carpaccio with Bergamot Infusion $3.00 Strawberries in Red Wine Reduction $4.00 Apple & Cinnamon Popover $4.25 Sale and service tax are not included