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Music Keyboarding Part 1


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general music

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Music Keyboarding Part 1

  1. 1. Keyboarding Part 1
  2. 2. Casio SA-5 Mini Keyboard
  3. 3. Care & Feeding of Mini Keyboards• THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR MINI KEYBOARDS! • You are responsible for equipment• Cost at least $50 each to replace• Batteries are also costly• Care will be taken or you will lose privilege and be unable to complete project• Treat them with great care and respect• Keep volume low, please.
  4. 4. Full Size MIDI Keyboard• THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR FULL SIZE KEYBOARDS! • We will sometimes rotate use of full size keyboard.• Use great care or lose this privilege• Keep volume low, please.• Use this keyboard to explore auto- accompaniment in left hand and melody in right hand.
  5. 5. Melody Lines• Music is MELODY (notes moving up and down)• Music is RHYTHM (counting)• Music is HARMONY (chords)• AND MUCH MORE!
  6. 6. Blues in C Chord Progressions
  7. 7. Blues in C Bass Line= melody
  8. 8. Our Goals• We are studying MELODY first.• Later we will learn some CHORDS (harmony).• MOST IMPORTANT IS TECHNIQUE!• Use the correct fingering!• Go slowly and follow directions.• EFFORT earns points.
  9. 9. John Thompson’s Easy Pt. 1
  10. 10. Procedure• We will work our way through the book, one step at a time.• Periodically playing tests will be given and you will need to play individually.• Sometimes we will perform as a group.• Participation grades will be based on how well you follow directions and stay with the group.• Free practice time will be earned.
  12. 12. Care of Lesson Books• THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR LESSON BOOKS! • DO NOT WRITE IN THE BOOKS!• Take great care of books!• Lesson Books cost at least $10 each• If you bend a page open, do so with care!
  13. 13. Note Names on the Keyboard “C”• CHOPSTICKS! You use two chopsticks! Look for the pair of two black keys.• “C” falls to the LEFT of chopsticks every time.
  14. 14. Page 5- “C” Left of Chopsticks
  15. 15. Note Names on the Keyboard “F”• FORK! Think of three tines on a fork.• Find the three black keys.• “F” is to the left of the fork every time.
  16. 16. Page 5- “F” Left of Fork
  17. 17. Page 6
  18. 18. Page 8- C in Treble Clef- Whole Notes