Functions and Application of Capacitor


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Functions and Application of Capacitor

  1. 1. Functions and Application of CapacitorWhat is a capacitor?The capacitor is usually referred to as an electric capacity, represented by the letters C.Definition one: Capacitors, as its name suggests, it is a container mounted electric, is acharge accommodate device. Capacitance is the extensive use of electronic equipment,electronic components, it is widely used in circuit interval through AC coupling, bypass,filtering, tuning circuit, energy conversion and control and so on. There is plastic filmcapacitor and ceramic capacitors etc. Definition two: any two conductors (including lead) thatare insulated and close to each other can constitute a capacitor.The Function of Circuit CapacitorThe fundamental function of the capacitor is charging and discharging, but the many circuitphenomena generated by such a basic charge and discharge action of extending make thecapacitor have various different purposes, for example, in the electric motor, and we use it toproduce a phase shift; in photoflash, we use it to generate the instantaneous discharge of thehigh energy, and the like; in electronic circuits, especially the use of capacitors have differentnature, there are many different purposes, although there are very different place, but its rolefrom the charging and discharging . Capacitance coupling circuit is called couplingcapacitance, in the extensive use of resistive and capacitive coupling amplifier and thecapacitive coupling circuit capacitor circuit, since blocking flow of exchange role. Dividingcapacitor: a capacitor in the frequency dividing circuit is called divider capacitors, thefrequency dividing circuit in the speakers speaker capacitance circuit using frequencydivision, so that the high-frequency speaker works at high frequencies, the IF speakers workin the band, the low frequency the speakers are working in low-frequency bands. The high-voltage ceramic capacitor is generally used in large-scale high-voltage electrical appliances.Capacitor Applications
  2. 2. The extensive use of capacitors in various industries, so that the market of domesticcapacitors is very broad. The application of capacitor has a very wide application. Shuntcapacitor is formerly known as phase shift capacitor compensated power system reactivepower inductive load, mainly used to improve the power factor, improve voltage quality,reduce line losses; series capacitor connected in series with power frequency high voltagetransmission and distribution lines to the distribution of the compensation circuit inductance,improve system static, dynamic stability, improve the quality of the line voltage, lengthen thetransmission distance and increase the transmission capacity; breaker capacitor is formerlyknown as equalizing capacitor. Parallel in EHV circuit breaker on the fracture from equalizingrole, so that the voltage between each fracture in the process of breaking and disconnectingis uniform, and can improve the interrupter of the circuit breaker characteristics and improvebreaking has been specializing in film capacitor and ceramic capacitorsmanufacturing since 1993. All our products are SGS, IEC, ISO9001 and RoHS compliant.Welcome to visit our website for more details!This article come from: