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Obama 090616104729 Phpapp02


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Obama 090616104729 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Brisas hopes. Winds of change
  2. 2. The emergence of a new era, as many sugges t .
  3. 3. Regarding Barack Obama has written many things concerning his race, his generation. But do not mention the most significant of his inner inspiration: a young mother
  4. 5. Given the ocean of life's possibilities,  up to parents to lead children in the footsteps of the best path.  
  5. 6. Obama took his mother a living example of generosity and service to others.
  6. 7. Obama inherited her  a way of looking.
  7. 8. "Have the courage to go run around the world and seek life ..."
  8. 9. . Ann Dunham was born in the state of Kansas, in November 1942
  9. 10. . The most precious inheritance bequeathed to Obama was, indeed, his peculiar way of relating to people and the world around them. His sympathetic look, your look compassionate.
  10. 11. . Only child Dunham, Ann grew up in a middle-class American, the state of Hawaii
  11. 12. His father, Stanley, works at a furniture company, and his mother, Madelyn, is mistress of the house.
  12. 13. Early on, Ann stands out in studies, and as a teenager before graduating high school, won a scholarship to the University of Chicago.
  13. 14. But her father asks her to decline the invitation and stay with the family.
  14. 15. "New bird has to fly close to the nest," he thinks his father,  unable to imagine the consequences that this decision would ... 
  15. 16. There are homes,  and there are families ...
  16. 17. . And Ann, who is dutiful daughter, stands alongside his parents and, after graduating high school, he entered the University of Hawaii
  17. 18. . The young university, reserved and thoughtful, appreciates the friendships, and nurtures a special taste for culture
  18. 19. Cursa Anthropology, and shows a special interest in emerging civil rights movement.
  19. 20. What the future holds? The future, fate, chance, the inevitable are different ways of saying the same thing ... 
  20. 21. The truth is that life is about choices .
  21. 22. The choices of mind  and the choices of the heart ...
  22. 23. . And the beginning of the course, Ann falls in love with an African student who came to exchange in the United States
  23. 24. . She, a young man of nineteen, intelligent, modest and shy. He, a young intelligent and charismatic, constant center of attention, with a thousand stories to tell of his homeland, the remote Kenya.
  24. 25. Who will someday unlock the secrets of the heart the mysteries of passion? ... 
  25. 26. . And they decide to marry
  26. 27. Even the belly has not grown and have children shine in the eyes of mothers, once wrote a poet.
  27. 28. On 04 August 1961,  motherhood for Ann smile  and presents you with a little Barack Obama .
  28. 29. The radiant happiness of a young mother who takes his oldest son in her arms.
  29. 30. The radiant happiness of a young mother who takes his oldest son in her arms.  In fact, there are happy hours ...
  30. 31. What awaits them?  Destination, future, random, inevitable  different ways of saying the same thing ... 
  31. 32. A typical family in the beginning.
  32. 33. But one fine day, Mr Obama announced that it would transfer its course to the University of Harvard.
  33. 34. Ann strange decision, since such a transfer involves cutting the scholarship. How will he support his family?
  34. 35. But Mr Obama is shown resolute in its decision, argues the superiority of the level of education.
  35. 36. The small Barack Obama has not completed two years when his father leaves the family and moves to Hawaii.
  36. 37. . Shortly after comes the news that he, after graduation, he decided to return to Africa
  37. 38. Mr. Obama returns to his homeland, leaving his wife and son.
  38. 39. . It is said that the first conscious memories that we keep going back to three years of age Barack Obama spends his early childhood, then, with no memory of the presence of his father.
  39. 40. . It has more presence in me what I need, once wrote a poet.
  40. 41. What can the mother and grandparents Barry (affectionate nickname used by the family) do but love you so redoubled? ... 
  41. 42. As grows, the inevitable questions arise:  "Where is my father?  Why did he leave?  When you come back? "
  42. 43. Why did he leave?  When you come back? " And his family, now composed by his mother and his grandparents, without having the answers, seeking to redress, as far as possible, the lack of love and affection. 
  43. 44. . Grandfather and grandson.  Beaches of Hawaii.  The true love that brings out smiles on the faces .
  44. 45. In fact, there are happy moments .
  45. 46. A child is loving and ordered the ground by which we will walk to old age ...
  46. 47. ... and our existential adventure will have more or less likely as this ground is trusted, once wrote a poet.
  47. 48. A child is loving and ordered the ground by which we will walk to old age.
  48. 49. . Ann is in their twenties  and maintains the freshness of enthusiasm that makes her see life as an ocean of positive possibilities
  49. 50. He knows that the failure of a love is not the failure of love, and neither the failure of a marriage, the failure of marriage.  And she falls in love again.
  50. 51. Every day has its history . When a new love blossoms,  the sun appears more beautiful in the sky,  and the colors of the day are born with a different brightness . 
  51. 52. And in 1967,  in the prime of his twenty-five years of age,  Ann decides to remarry.
  52. 53. And will leave your hands gently over his head for the second time ... Soon, fate will smile again.
  53. 54. On August 15, 1970 born to her daughter, who is called Maya.
  54. 55. Once wrote poet that the eyes of mothers continue to shine in the darkness of the night even after all the lights go out.  It happens to all mothers, as he reminds us, since the beginning of the world ...
  55. 56. And Ann's eyes start to shine with a brightness now redoubled by the birth of his little daughter.
  56. 57. In his new family, and her sister, Obama wins a stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, the Indonesian nationality. 
  57. 58. In the early years, the family lives in Hawaii, where Lolo Soetoro complete his studies in geology.
  58. 59. Barack Obama is six years old when the family decides to move to Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.
  59. 60. Took up residence in a humble neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. They are the first foreigners to live in the neighborhood.
  60. 61. At first, Obama is a laughing stock, not only because of his color, but also because it is more "fat" than the local children.
  61. 62. Early on, faced with the task of building bridges, and soon make friends in the neighborhood, spending their afternoons playing in the streets or climbing the apple trees behind.
  62. 63. For the first time Ann has the harsh reality of families living on the margins of society, and poverty is no longer a place for her abstraction to become something tangible.  
  63. 64. Initially, Ann provides help to any beggar who knocks on your door, and soon to a "caravan of misery" is formed in front of his house, forcing her to become more selective in their charity. 
  64. 65. She goes on to divide his time between the English classes he teaches at the U.S. Embassy and support social projects and community actions aimed at improving the socioeconomic conditions of families forgotten by fate .
  65. 66. Lolo Soetoro obtain employment in the branch of a petrochemical company and the U.S. is soon promoted to a position of leadership.
  66. 67. The family moved to a better neighborhood. Go to in the circle of high society. 
  67. 68. . While Ann is integrated into the reality of the country, intrigued by poverty, her husband becomes increasingly Westernized, frequent golf courses and dreams of mansions, and consumerism seduces
  68. 69. Although the couple rarely discuss, at any given time have less in common affairs .
  69. 70. The silence takes effect.  In a relationship there are two types of silence :
  70. 71. The first is the silence of communion, which represents the meeting of the essence, where the two become one.
  71. 72. A silence that exemption and transcends words.
  72. 73. And there is a second silence, which is the silence of words unspoken .
  73. 74. The silence where each part  inhabits an island of its own, isolated. 
  74. 75. A silence where neither intimate aspirations, nor the gentle movements of the soul are shared.
  75. 76. Obama would report years later that his mother was not prepared for the loneliness, and loneliness that it was constant for as shortness of breath. 
  76. 77. Mal will love, if it says it all.
  77. 78. And after six years of marriage, Ann decides to separate.
  78. 79. . As Maya would recall years later,  his mother, despite two broken marriages, at no time complained about the trajectory of his life.  She always tried to save the children from their broken hearts or possible resentment affective
  79. 80. Did you know that love is greater than two failed love ...
  80. 81. Never in front of the children complained of love or marriage . Far from regretting the broken relationships, constantly grateful for the beautiful children that life had given him.
  81. 82. Small details that often go unnoticed but make a huge difference ... 
  82. 83. Our evil is thinking that only big things are important when it is in the subtle details of life that the true character is manifested .
  83. 84. Some say that life is a dance on the rope swing of the unexpected. And what they will do a young mother and her two small shoots in a foreign land?
  84. 85. Perhaps the best thing to do is return to the first nest. And Ann purchase three tickets for return to the United States.
  85. 86. The couple gets back Dunham's daughter and two grandchildren with open arms.
  86. 87. Loving parents are and always will be safer haven.
  87. 88. Mr. Stanley Dunham, Ann, Maya and the young Obama .
  88. 89. Hands touch, the easy smile and friendly, typical of those who can appreciate the essence of life ...  
  89. 90. . There are moments of profound happiness, for no reason, just the gratitude of breathing
  90. 91. The purity of young children, those who love the sun, the grass, the breeze, the sea ...
  91. 92. Brothers ... Father and daughter, Mother and children Grandmother and grandchildren ,
  92. 93. All families are the same, what changes are the stories ...
  93. 94. Once, someone wrote that true happiness lies within the family, ...
  94. 95. ... that shared similar sensitivity and spirit
  95. 96. In fact, there are happy moments.
  96. 97. And life goes on . Barack Obama, now with ten years of age, is enrolled in a school in Hawaii . Still so young in age, and so many changes, so many adventures ...
  97. 98. It is the only black student in the class of thirty students.
  98. 99. While his mother, with Maya in her arms, remains committed to social projects around the world, Obama is short lived with the grandparents and studying in the U.S..
  99. 100. At least twice a year, the summer holidays and the festivities end-of-year, the whole family gathers.
  100. 101. At least twice a year, the summer holidays and the festivities end-of-year, the whole family gathers .
  101. 102. Time passes and turned children into adolescents and young adults.
  102. 103. Family multiracial, multiethnic, multinational. 
  103. 104. Obama, nine years older, looking for help in the education of his sister. Draws your attention every time she spends too much time in front of the television. Indicates good books, records, films, like any good brother usually do.
  104. 105. Ann, although it passes much of the time involved in social projects, is keen to monitor the routine of their children and cover them with all their love and affection
  105. 106. In a world where different is looked upon with coldness and distrust, it seeks to give the children a look that welcomes and is able to see the beauty of variety.
  106. 107. Barack Obama "In our house, the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita  stood side by side on the shelf ... "
  107. 108. Joseph Campbell "All religions are true to your tempo.Quem is able to recognize the non-perishable aspect of his truth and separate it from what is circumstantial, it will be seized."  (one of Ann's favorite writers )
  108. 109. With his mother and sister constantly traveling, the safe haven of Obama are the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Madelyn.
  109. 110. To understand a little of the spirit of the couple Dunham, we must remember the serenity with which received the fact that his only daughter, Ann, decided to marry an African student.
  110. 111. We must remember that in the early 1960s the inter-racial marriage was considered a crime in half of U.S. states, and even in other states, where it was tolerated by law, as the state of Hawaii, the marriage between black and white was not frowned upon by the rest of society.
  111. 112. However, they, trusting in education that had passed, they supported their daughter in their choices in the ways of life.
  112. 113. And with full love created and hosted her beloved grandson in the modest two-bedroom apartment where they lived.
  113. 114. It's the subtle details of life that the true character is manifested .
  114. 115. Time passes, and all one day we will leave ...   
  115. 116. In February 1992, Mr. Stanley Dunham dies at age 74 .
  116. 117. A father and a loving husband. (pictured with Ann and Madelyn)
  117. 118. A grandfather and "father" who loved the full capacity of their beloved grandchildren
  118. 119. Life is not measured by the number of years to live ...
  119. 120. Life is measured by the amount of joy that is distributed, once wrote a poet.
  120. 121. And life goes on, Amidst the sadness of departures and arrivals of joy .
  121. 122. Loved ones they leave, People loved to come .
  122. 123. It is in the law firm where he works in Chicago that Barack Obama knows the young lawyer Michelle Robinson.
  123. 124. And do not be long before they decide to marry .
  124. 125. Marriage is a bridge that leads to heaven, said once an ancient sage .
  125. 127. Mary Robinson and her daughter, Michelle Ann Dunham with her son, Barack Obama
  126. 128. Two families joined together stories, memories, dreams, memories are intertwined ...
  127. 129. In fact, there are happy moments.
  128. 130. However, life is a dance on the rope swing of the unexpected.
  129. 131. People loved to come, Loved ones who go .
  130. 132. In 1995, Ann stops its activities in socio-economic projects in Asia for health care in the United States. About a year she began to feel stomach pains, which cause local doctors can not figure out .
  131. 133. The new tests diagnose cancer. And she begins the painful treatment in Hawaii. However, late diagnosis reduces the chances of winning the disease, and she loses the fight against cancer at the age of 52.
  132. 134. His premature departure leaves stunned family, given the love and passion that she expressed for life. He shared that he wanted to adopt a child refugee, this dream that did not have time to accomplish.
  133. 135. Barack Obama says his biggest mistake in life was not present beside his mother in his last hour. Both the family and physicians harbored great hopes that she could win the battle .
  134. 136. His daughter recalls that she had a very soft heart and cried easily, was enough to see any animal being mistreated, or any child victim of injustice or cruelty, news or a sad movie. On the other hand, was fearless and determined in their actions .
  135. 137. Lived in over thirteen countries, and they all felt at home. He considered himself a citizen of the world . Throughout his life awoke well before sunrise and tirelessly devoted to outreach activities, especially those that benefit the excluded and marginalized of society .
  136. 138. Given its application, the family and few close friends throw his ashes in the Pacific Basin, on the beaches of Hawaii . .
  137. 139. Ann Dunham (29/11/1942 - 07/11/1995)
  138. 142. He lived long enough to see the wedding of his son. But fate would take her before she married, or that their grandchildren were born, she loved her children  
  139. 143. In his brief earthly life embraced the role of mother, great mother. That it holds and protects children .
  140. 144. Not only were generated in her womb, but the children of the world, especially the poor, forgotten, excluded, needy.
  141. 145. It was this inspiration intimate, indeed, the noblest inheritance left to their children.
  142. 146. That look compassionate mother can continue to shine in the eyes of the child during the important challenges it comparable in the coming years ...
  143. 153. The responsibilities and expectations that Barack Obama verges are unmatched in recent history.
  144. 154. Certainly accompany this mission you were meant prayers and thoughts of all those who dream of a better world.
  145. 155. And of course the monitor also the eternal presence of his beloved mother, the most significant source of his inspiration close .
  146. 156. And the heart of the young mother certainly is pleased with the flowers and fruits of love that their dedicated efforts have produced ...
  147. 157. Barack Obama and his sister Maya, with their respective families .
  148. 158. The couple with the Obama daughters, Malia Ann (10 years) and Natasha (7 years).
  149. 159. Maya Soetoro is Professor of History married to Konrad Ng, a Canadian of Chinese descent, and mother of small Suhaila, four years old .
  150. 160. Friends and family recall the close kinship that linked mother and child, reporting that they were very close, "extraordinarily close".
  151. 161. To share what they felt, on many occasions seemed to dismiss the use of words.
  152. 162. There are feelings that go beyond this limited resource that we use the words ...
  153. 163. The dreams of the mother and the dreams of the child .
  154. 164. The dream of a better, more just, fraternal solidarity.
  155. 165. . They are the dreams that hold the world in its orbit
  156. 166. Where would we be if we did not have dreams?
  157. 167. Theme Music: "Magic City", played by Johannes Linstead and Nicholas Gunn Format: [email_address]
  158. 171. THE END