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Savory foods veggies


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Savory foods veggies

  1. 1. Savory Foods LAVeggie Tales
  2. 2. Nutritional Value Teens should eat 2 ½ to 4 cups/day Include a variety Low in fat and calories Rich in fiber Source for  Folate, Vitamins A, C, & E Focus on dark green and red/orange Fresh in season
  3. 3. Color in Vegetables Chlorophyll – pigment in green  Broccoli, spinach Carotene – orange – converts to retinol  Carrots, sweet potatoes Flavones – white  Cauliflower Anthocyanin – red  Red cabbage
  4. 4. Vegetable Groups - MyPlate Dark green  Broccoli, spinach Red and orange  Carrots, sweet potatoes Dry beans and peas  Black beans, pinto beans Starchy  Corn, potatoes Other  Onions, celery, cucumbers
  5. 5.  Good color Firm No bruises/decay Avoid wilted Handle carefully Medium size In-season for high Fresh Vegetables quality and low Best Selection price Short shelf-life
  6. 6. Preparation Raw or Cooked?Raw Clean/prepare Serve coldCooked Crisp-tender  Overcooked = loss of nutrients/ change of color  Mild flavor – small amount of water  Strong/very strong – cover w/water  Use cooking liquid
  7. 7.  In water/simmer Steam Roast Fry Grill Microwave Bake Vegetable Limit casseroles Cooking Methods