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How to be a great startup mentor

What are the qualities and behavior of being a great mentor in today's startup world? Whether you are an investor, advisor, a big company or startup mentor, you must learn how to mentor, not just manage.

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How to be a great startup mentor

  1. 1. HOW TO BE A GREAT MENTOR March 1st, 2017 @brantcooper @movestheneedle
  2. 2. digital is transforming the world…
  3. 3. competition is everywhere…
  4. 4. customers are more agile than we are…
  5. 5. our organizational systems and structures are based upon the industrial age
  7. 7. SEARCHEXECUTE ontheknown intheunknown Measuretasks Measureimpact ContinuousImprovement Reinvention
  8. 8. © Moves the Needle All rights reserved WHAT IS LEAN? LEAN:
 Reduction of waste in producing known value (Customer, problem, solution known) LEAN STARTUP: Reduction of waste in discovering new value (Customer, problem, solution unknown)
  9. 9. © Moves the Needle All rights reserved 3 E’s OF LEAN INNOVATION E Understanding our customers deeply; their pains, passions and desires. Developing insights. EMPATHY E Translating insights into action. Reducing risks through assumption testing. EXPERIMENTATION E Making decisions quickly based on insights and actual customer behavior. EVIDENCE
  10. 10. © Moves the Needle All rights reserved MENTORSHIP GOALS Teach the skills EDUCATE Help remove barriers and “have startups back”. ENABLE Build leaders. EMPOWER
  11. 11. © Moves the Needle All rights reserved MENTORSHIP COMMUNICATIONS • Teach, don’t Tell • Focus Your Advice • Challenge Assumptions • Beware Being a Domain Expert • Teach how to be good mentees.
  12. 12. © Moves the Needle All rights reserved MENTORSHIP BEHAVIORS • Enforce evidence based decisions • Failure is OK if learning • Encourage being bold • Admit when “don’t know” • Walk the walk
  13. 13. VALUE STREAM DISCOVERY WHERE SHOULD WE FOCUS? PASSIONATESATISFIEDHOPEFULCONVINCEDTRUSTINGINTRIGUEDAWARE Innovation • Don’t know what value to create • For whom • Or steps to execute Hypothesize • Customer Behavior • Business Activity • How to measure
  14. 14. VALUE STREAM DASHBOARD MTN EXAMPLE (FOR REFERENCE PASSIONATESATISFIEDHOPEFULCONVINCEDTRUSTINGINTRIGUEDAWARE 150 15 5 3 3 2 1metric behavior Landing Page Download Req proposal Sign contract Do pre-work Sign up again Referral activity Keynotes LinkedIn Webinar Sales email Sales call Collateral Send proposal Negotiation Onsite visit Kickoff call Pre-work doc High touch Bootcamps Accelerators Toolkits Ask for Testimonial Case study Lead Magnet Tools Case Studies
  15. 15. THANK YOU! slides: @brantcooper