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Basics of SEO


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Jody Brannon highlight some best practices for SEO, for Terry Greene Sterling's

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Basics of SEO

  1. 1. “MASTERING” SEO Ha! No Such Thing... But We’ll Do Our Best Follow along at Sept. 22, 2010 By Dr. Jody Brannon, ASU Professor Of Practice, And National Director, News21
  2. 2. WHY SHOULD I CARE? ✤ Details matter ✤ Employers care >> | mediabistro ✤ What’s a journalist without an audience?
  3. 3. Meat and potatoes of SEO* *Beef & taters? ✤ Google SEO starter's guide (pdf) is filled with lots of stuff, some irrelevant, but also some helpful. ✤ Ad Words Tool >> bookmark this ✤ SEO best practices (pdf), courtesy News21 ✤ Yahoo Style Guide: SEO Embed keywords where they matter most: in the title, headings, links, metadata (part of your page’s source code), and image and video tags. ✤ SEOmoz: 5-part series on SEO: 1 (general) | 2 (headlines & body copy) | 3 4 5 (linking out) | (social media) | (landing pages)
  4. 4. CNN tips: What Matters Most ✤ Headline ✤ Description ✤ File Name