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  • http://www.otan.us/digest/
  • Otan – new and exciting

    1. 1. OTAN – What’s New and Exciting CATESOL Northern Regional Conference Changing Tides: Transformative Teaching and Learning November 13, 2010 Monterey Institute for International Studies
    2. 2. OTAN background • Outreach and Technical Assistance Network • Leadership project with CDE Adult Education Office • Around since 1989 (for 21 years!) • 3 major components – Electronic Collaboration and Information – Instructional Technology – Distance Learning
    3. 3. Getting Around on the Web Site • Ed Technology and Media • Teaching Tools and Resources • Research and Reference • People and Organization • Laws and Legislation • Funding and Jobs
    4. 4. Teaching Tools and Resources • Formerly adultedteachers.org • Lesson Plans • Classroom Activities • Sites to Use with Students • and more…
    5. 5. Web-based Class Activites • Polling and Quizzing with Polldaddy [link] • Using VoiceThread for Instruction [link] • Piclits – Get Students Writing with Visuals [link ] • Using Glogster with Your Students [link] • Sites for Creating Interactive and Printable Exercises [link]
    6. 6. Moodle • Open source course management system • More like a free puppy… • OTAN hosting for adult education schools • Online orientation • Have two wrap around courses: – USA Learns [link] – Advanced ESL [link] • Moodle for Second Language Teaching by Jeff Stanford [link]
    7. 7. ePortfolios • What is the purpose of ePorfolio? [link] • OTAN chose an open source platform • Social networking oriented and user-centered • Collection of artifacts presented in a variety of combinations • Artifacts: files, media, text, other • Total control of who can view what • Friends and groups • Sample page – YouTube videos, uploaded videos, RSS feeds [link]
    8. 8. Facebook • Adult Schools create fan pages [link] • ESL teacher creates a group for his learners • CATESOL Group [link] • Individual CATESOL Conference pages • Groups and Fan pages [link] & [link]
    9. 9. OTAN’s TeacherDigest
    10. 10. “Clickers” • Formative and Summative Assessment [link]
    11. 11. THANKYOU www.otan.us | bmarceta@otan.us http://webtwopointohinadulted.wikispaces.com/CATESOL+North+2011