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Which door would you choose to go through?////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////...
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Which door


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Which door

  1. 1. Name: _________________ #: ____ Date: ______________ Which Door? Imagine that you find yourself in front of 5 doors, none which are marked. A voice tells you thatone of the doors will take you to Wonderland, one to Narnia, one to Hogwarts, one to Camelot,and one to a space station on Mars. You must choose one door to go through. Which door doyou choose? What do you find on the other side of the door and what happens when you travelthrough it? Brainstorm your ideas on the back of this paper using the questions I provided for you beforestarting your rough draft. After you answer the questions turn them into a paragraph about theday you were a different age. Then have an adult help you edit your rough draft by looking forcapital letters, correct punctuation and grammar, spelling mistakes, and how well you stayed ontopic. Last, rewrite your paragraph in your neatest handwriting or type it up on the computer.Make sure to turn in this sheet, your edited rough draft, and your final copy.REMEMBER: 1. Sentences should start with a capital and end with a period, question mark, or exclamation point. 2. A sentence should be a complete thought or idea. Your paragraph should have at least 6 sentences. 3. Strong sentences have vivid details. 4. Your paragraph should stay on topic and have a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a concluding concluding sentence. Don’t forget to indent! 5. All words should be spelled correctly. Have an adult proofread your paragraph before turning it in.Here’s an example of my paragraph: I approached five plain-looking doors. None of them had any signs indicating where they led to orknobs to open them with. Suddenly a voice overhead spoke. “Before you lies five doors, five choices, fivemystical lands. You must choose one and only one and once you make your choice there is no turningback. Which door do you choose?” Above the doors the destination for each doorway lit up. Afterslight hesitation I decided I’m going to Hogwarts! The door clicked open on its own and I stepped throughto find myself in front of a large, medieval castle. I couldn’t believe I was actually at Hogwarts! Steppingthrough the heavy double doors I saw groups of wizards chatting while going to class, colorful sparks flyingthrough doorways, and images moving through the portraits on the walls. The halls were emptying fast andI realized I was late for class. I walked into the closest door and the professor at the front shouted,“You’re late! Come to the front and be my assistant for this spell.” Not knowing what else to do Imarched to the front of the room with thirty pairs of eyes locked on me. “Now class, pay close attention.This is one spell you need to say correctly for it to work. Alaga-achoo!” With that sneeze I turned into ascaly lizard! How do I get out of this one?! Turn to the back to fill out the organizer.
  2. 2. Which door would you choose to go through?////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Why did you choose to go through that door? What makes you think it would be fun orinteresting to see what is on the other side?////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Tell the story of what you find when you go through the door. Include at least threedifferent details of things you see or things you meet.1.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////2.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////3.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////