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Tb stone fox pt1


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Tb stone fox pt1

  1. 1. Name:  ________________  #  ___   Terabytes’  List   Stone  Fox  Vocab.  Words,  Part  1       Spelling  Words   1. explanation   2. harmonica   3. palomino   4. situation   5. potato   6. exhausted   7. official   8. lunged   9. taxes   10.  reservation   11.    concerned   12.  harness   13.  irrigation   14.  directly   15.  ricocheting     High  Frequency  Words   16.  enough   17.  gotten   18.  wrong   19.  laughed   20.  empty             These  are  your  words  to  be  cut  out  and  sorted.    Keep  your  list  to  study  from  at  home     explanation   harmonica   palomino   situation   potato   exhausted   official   lunged   taxes   reservation   concerned   harness   irrigation   directly   ricocheting   enough   gotten   wrong   laughed   empty