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Mb vowel sounds in clown and lawn


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Mb vowel sounds in clown and lawn

  1. 1. Name:  ________________  #  ___   Megabytes’  List     These  are  your  words  to  be  cut  out  and  sorted.    Keep  your  list  to  study  from  at  home     Vowel  sounds  in  clown  and  lawn     Spelling  Words   1. clown   2. lawn   3. brown   4. saw   5. draw   6. walk   7. frown   8. almost   9. salt   10.  jaw   11.    cost   12.  pound   13.  proud   14.  owl   15.  cloud     High  Frequency  Words   16.  excited   17.  general   18.  question   19.  vacation   20.  trouble           clown   lawn   brown   saw   draw   walk   frown   almost   salt   jaw   cost   pound   proud   owl   cloud   excited     general   question   vacation   trouble