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In a minute pow

  1. 1. Name: _________________ #: ____ Date: ______________ In a Minute We’ve all dreamed what it would be like to have whatever we want from our favorite store. If there were no boundaries just imagine what you would choose. If you were given one minute to grab all you can from your favorite store, what store would you choose? Why would you choose that store? What would you want to grab? Why would you want to grab those things? Give plenty of reasons for your choices! Brainstorm your ideas on the back of this paper using the questions I provided for you before starting your rough draft. After you answer the questions turn them into a paragraph about the day you were a different age. Then have an adult help you edit your rough draft by looking for capital letters, correct punctuation and grammar, spelling mistakes, and how well you stayed on topic. Last, rewrite your paragraph in your neatest handwriting or type it up on the computer. Make sure to turn in this sheet, your edited rough draft, and your final copy. REMEMBER: 1. Sentences should start with a capital and end with a period, question mark, or exclamation point. 2. A sentence should be a complete thought or idea. Your paragraph should have at least 6 sentences. 3. Strong sentences have vivid details. sentences, 4. Your paragraph should stay on topic and have a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a concluding sentence. Don’t forget to indent! 5. All words should be spelled correctly. Have an adult proofread your paragraph before turning it in. Here’s an example of my paragraph: If I had a minute to spend grabbing anything I wanted out of my favorite store I would choose a place I could get the most tech equipment possible! I would probably choose the Apple store because not only do they have great equipment like the iPad, but they also have awesome software and tons of apps for almost anything I can think of. Some of the things I would grab in my minute are as many iPads as possible, a few new laptops, some of the new iTouches, and handfuls of app cards. I would choose the iPads because I know that we could use them in hundreds of different ways in the classroom. The laptops would allow us to publish and use all of the great software to show off what we learn each day in the classroom. The iTouches would give us even more listening centers to use around the room, and the app cards would make it possible for me to buy all of the great educational apps for the iPads. My plan for grabbing all of it within a minute is to map out the store so I know where everything is, then start at one end and grab as fast as possible as I go. I can’t imagine how much fun a shopping trip like that would be! Turn to the back to fill out the organizer.
  2. 2. List three different stores you would want to shop at. Circle the one you would choose to spend your minute in. /////////// /////////// /////////// Why would you choose to shop at that store? What makes it so appealing to you? //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// Name at least four things you would want to grab in your minute from that store. //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// Why would you choose those things? //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// What would be your plan for getting all of the things you want within the minute? Remember, a minute is not a long time!! //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////