Current event time for kids


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Current event time for kids

  1. 1. Name: _______________ # _____ Date: ________________ Current Event: Time for Kids This week you will be looking for an article that interests you from your Time for Kids magazine. Read through all of the articles and choose one that you find interesting, exciting, or about a topic that you can relate to. After you have chosen your story, complete the form on the back of this page to help you organize your thoughts. Your writing will need to include a summary of the article, explain why the article is important, and tell about why you chose this story. After filling in the organizer on the back, you will need to rewrite your information into a paragraph. Your final copy should be rewritten or typed. Have fun and happy current event hunting! REMEMBER: 1. Sentences should start with a capital and end with a period, question mark, or exclamation point. 2. A sentence should be a complete thought or idea. Your paragraph should have at least 5 sentences. 3. Strong sentences have vivid details. 4. Your paragraph should stay on topic and have a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a concluding sentence. Don’t forget to indent! 5. All words should be spelled correctly. Have an adult proofread your paragraph before turning it in. Here’s an example of my Time for Kids summary: The article “Bouncers Beware” tells about an increase in the number of children that are injured each year while using bounce houses. This story uses information that was published in the scientific journal Pediatrics which looked at bounce house related in injuries all over the United States. The article says that over the past 15 years the number of children under the age of 17 that are injured while using a bounce house, also known as a moon jump, has increased from 1,000 per year to 11,000 per year. Many of these injuries are cuts, sprains, and even broken bones. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested a few ways that children can play-it-safe while using a bounce house. One way was to bounce with other children that are the same age and size as you. Another way to stay safe was to limit the number of people who use the bounce house at a time. This article was interesting to me because my kids love to use bounce houses and I want to make sure they stay safe while having fun.
  2. 2. What is the name of the story or article? (Remember a title should be capitalized.) /////////////////// ///////////////////// Where does the story take place or what area does it tell about? ///////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////// Who is the story or article about? ///////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////// List three important details from the story. Sometimes details can be found in the captions! 1.//////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////// 2.//////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////// 3.//////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////// Why did you choose this article? What made it interesting? ///////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////