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Supernatural st petersburg finale


Published on

Halloween 2018

Published in: Education
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Supernatural st petersburg finale

  1. 1. Brandy B. Stark, PhD SPIRITS of St. Petersburg October 2018
  2. 2. Who and Why?
  3. 3. 21 years later…..
  4. 4. Academics
  5. 5. Personal Philosophy
  6. 6. What is studied?
  7. 7. Types: Urban Legends (Legends, Lore, folklore) FOAF A story (humor or horror) based on an event thought to be true; has a moral or lesson, often of a cultural fear or realization Do you know any?
  8. 8. Mini Lights Merry Light Mini-Lights Minni Lights Mennonites Midget Lights Calling upon these would bring about a troll (Merry Light) or invoke the ghost of Minnie or Midgets who would “chase you down” Historic: African American communities – Mini Lights referred to the lights of lanterns in the night; raids on African American communities to steal children and supplies Weekly Challenger: deal-with-trauma/
  9. 9. Sunshine Skyway
  10. 10. Yacht Club
  12. 12. What to look for?  Sensations/Feelings  Hot/Cold spots  Movement  Animal behaviors  Peripheral vision manifestation  Shadows  Dreams
  13. 13. My First: Williams House  John Williams, founder of St. Petersburg (Williams Park, Demens Landing, Detroit Hotel)  Ghost of a woman in a party dress (spirit of the mother of a former home owner)  John Williams (died one year after moving in to the house)  Sarah Williams (widow, later remarried) ○ When the house was to be moved, the first set of workers reported feeling a presence in the home.  Reported phenomena:  Noises (eye witnesses,)  Items moving (employees)  Sounds of talking (murmuring – me!)  EMF spikes  Sense of a presence Photo from
  14. 14. Public Haunts/celebrity: Haslams New and Used Bookstore bookstore10292006.html
  15. 15. Local Historic Haunts: Art Lofts
  16. 16. The Mystery: Palladium
  17. 17. Cemeteries: Rose, Tarpon Springs “This is a very elaborate tomb.” “Thank you”. Unknown whispering. Outside graves; unknown whispering
  18. 18. Family  Grandmother  Uncle  Dad: Three visits  Sensed by others  Dreams  Upcoming interview (video).
  19. 19. Miscellaneous  Private cases  Investigator pushed  Lights on and off (Indigo Hotel)  Bible moved (3 feet off shelf)  Hot spots (Royalty Theater)  Cold spots (Private homes)
  20. 20. Questions and comments