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Research design template

  1. 1. Porterfield 1Brandy PorterfieldResearch Design Proposal10th Honors World Literature/CompositionLester and HamiltonSpring 2012IntroductionPTSDStructure of the ProposalResearch Paper TopicThe topic I chose to conduct my research on is post – traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is apsychological mental disorder which usually occurs after having experienced an extreme trauma. Thistrauma can come from a soldier fighting in war, witnessing death, and struggling to survive.What I Know about the Topic at This Point and Why I’m Interested in This Topic At this point through my pre-search I have learned what PTSD is, the symptoms that occur fromthe disorder, and how dramatically it affects soldiers during and after war. PTSD, or Posttraumatic StressDisorder, is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience of, or witnessing life-threatening events, such as military combat. People who suffer from PTSD often relive the experiencethrough nightmares and flashbacks, have difficulty sleeping, and feel detached or estranged. Thesesymptoms can be severe enough and last long enough to significantly impair the person’s daily life.People with PTSD often have problems functioning. In general, people with PTSD have moreunemployment, divorce or separation, spouse abuse and chance of being fired than people withoutPTSD. These problems occurring from PTSD are seen in many soldiers and veterans.Example research proposal from Tom Romano
  2. 2. Porterfield 2What I Want To Learn Throughout my research I hope to learn more about the statistics and diagnosis of PTSD, such ashow easily is the disorder diagnosed? How many veterans and soldiers does PTSD affect in comparisonto those who do not suffer from the disorder? I would also like to learn what medical/ psychologicaltreatments are provided for the people diagnosed with PTSD, and how effective the outcome of thosetreatments are. There is also a lot of debate on whether or not PTSD is classified as a legitimatePsychological disorder, and I hope to find research to help me better conclude this debate.Initial List of Questions I Have About My Topic 1) How common is PTSD among soldiers and veterans? 2) What specific experiences cause PTSD? 3) How do veterans struggling from PTSD affect the community around them? 4) Is PTSD a legitimate health disorder? 5) Does the government make it easy for soldiers and veterans to get the help they seek for PTSD? 6) Why does the government continue to re-deploy soldiers who have experienced serious traumas? 7) What treatments and medical attention does the government supply for people suffering from PTSD? 8) Which treatments have been proven to work the best, and provide the best outcome? 9) How does PTSD affect a soldier’s home life? 10) How do veterans suffering from PTSD affect the community around them?My Three Primary Research QuestionsIs PTSD a legitimate illness?What treatments are most effective in treating PTSD?How do veterans with PTSD affect the community?Example research proposal from Tom Romano
  3. 3. Porterfield 3My Research Plan So far, I have used 3 research databases. Gale Opposing Viewpoints, Student Research Center,and Academic search Complete. At this point in my research I have found that Gale and AcademicSearch Complete seem most promising at the moment. I found a great article on Academic SearchComplete which compared treatments for PTSD and how effectively they help the patient. In addition tomy research I plan to organize and manage my information in Net-vibes. Net-vibes interested mebecause it allowed a clean layout to neatly organize and evaluate the research I find. Lastly, I will cite myresearch sources using Easy Bib.Skills/Learning Standards You Want to Masterand How You Will Demonstrate Your Growth andMastery of These SkillsPlease create a numbered list of the skills you plan to target (see your learning contract menu); includethe AASL skill and write out the skill as it appears in the AASL document. Remember there are 7required standards plus 3 choice standards you get to choose for a total of 10.In addition, how do you think you might document your progress in these skills? Do you think you willdo this as you work through your research project (perhaps with regular blog entries—1 blog entry perstandard) or do you see documenting your growth more as a summative of final assessment with adigital portfolio (Video or VoiceThread)?Content Creation ToolsI am personally interested in using Prezi as my learning tool. I have worked with Prezi in other classesand I feel comfortable in using this medium to display my research.Final Learning Product I plan to create a Digital Text to represent my final learning product. I am very interested inusing Prezi to display my research because it has a more visual approach. The visual aspects of Prezi holdmy attention much more than writing a standard research paper. I have also had experience in usingPrezi in the past which will help me when it comes time in putting together my final digital text. I feelExample research proposal from Tom Romano
  4. 4. Porterfield 4that Prezi will allow me to organize my key learning’s from my inquiry research in a clean manner,making it easy to understand and follow my research findings. At this time I don’t think I am ready to conduct a mindmap based on my research questions anddetails. I feel that I need to do more research before I can properly complete a nicely developedmindmap.Preliminary BibliographyDue to my absences this past week I have only imported 2 citations. I will add more during the break.Example research proposal from Tom Romano