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Naked Juice Ad Campaign

  1. 1. Naked Juice Campaign byBrandy Cohn & Sara Chroman
  2. 2. So here’s the situation. In 1983, Naked Juice was created in Santa Monica,California by Jimmy Rosenberg who sold the fruit drinkson a small-scale basis at local beaches and boardwalks.Soon after, as a result of his fast popularity, a localgrocery store agreed to carry the product called “NakedJuice”. Distribution soon expanded over the West Coast toinclude Los Angeles and the San Diego region. In 2000,North Castle Partners purchased Naked Juice, and itsdistribution expanded rapidly to include the East Coast.In 2005, Naked Juice rebranded its company, and becamethe leader in their industry market segment, surpassingformer sales leader, Odwalla. The Naked Juice Company is committed to “creatingthe best all-natural, 100% juices and juice smoothies,made from the bare-naked fruits, with no added sugarand no preservatives.” Then in 2006, Naked Juice waspurchased by PepsiCo, possibly in response to thepurchase of rival Odwalla by Coca-Cola. Naked Juiceproducts are highly perishable, and must be kept below38 degrees.
  3. 3. So here’s the situation. Currently, the Naked Juice product line consists ofupwards of 20 variants of the juice blend, which are 100%fruit and vegetable juices. Some juices are produced in ajuice form, while others resemble smoothies. Flavors include:strawberry banana, blue machine, and orange mango. Nakedjuice variants have been produced with a specific healthbenefits in mind, which include: aiding digestion, increasingprotein intake, and reducing caloric content. In addition,Naked Juice introduced a Probiotic smoothie that helps to aidin digestion. Naked Juice also created two reduced-caloriesmoothie based products. Each bottle of Naked Juice containsone pound of fruit, which is equivalent to the two servingsof the recommended five per day. In 2009, Naked Juice became the first beverage withnational distribution in the US to implement PET (polyethyleneterephthalate) packaging, which is 100-percent post-consumerrecycled plastic. With these changes, Naked Juice is quickly rising innational popularity, and within the super-premium juicemarket.
  4. 4. America the Beautiful. As the current contemporary society is in the midstof an economic recession, individuals are forced tosacrifice some unnecessary luxuries, in favor of basicneeds. Due to the substantial decrease in discretionaryfunds, many people, across this specific age cohort, areforced to limit their funds devoted to luxuries. With thisin mind, many times health is sacrificed in favor of easeand low cost. However, there is also a push towards healthy living.People are concerned with living fulfilling and healthylives; however, many times this is not in the forefront oftheir minds each day. Individuals, specifically youngadults, are willing to invest more in products they deemto be beneficial (health benefits/intangible benefits).
  5. 5. America the Beautiful. In recent years, there has been a surge in the premiumjuice market category, with an average growth of 2.6percent each year. This rapid growth, estimated to be a $1.5billion dollar market in 2012, reflects a growing trend towardhealthy living. With busy schedules plaguing those in ourcontemporary society, people can make a healthier decision bygrabbing a juice, rather than fast-food. In addition, due tothe pricier nature of these premium juices, demand is usuallyconcentrated in the upper-middle class market segment.Individuals, are willing to invest more in products they deemto be beneficial. Simply put, individuals want to see thattheir investment (i.e. purchasing a juice) merits a favorablereturn. As a futuristic society, many times individuals do nottake the necessary time to appreciate all that life has tooffer. Often, they conform to what society deems “normal” inorder to fit in and prosper. Although people are proud oftheir heritage, who they are, and what they may eventuallybecome, sometimes people are weary to express thisoutwardly.
  6. 6. Why Are We Here? We are advertising to position Naked Juice as aleader in the super-premium juice category thataims to please its customers by offering healthbenefits unmatched by other premium juices. Ouradvertising seeks to emphasize the all-naturalingredients and health benefits associated withNaked Juice. By allowing consumers to outwardlyacknowledge the health related benefits of NakedJuice, consumers feel empowered. We wantindividuals to think of Naked Juice as a productthat uses its attributes to better their health,better their decision-making, and make them proudof themselves. Consumers should think of NakedJuice as a dually beneficial product, working toprovide tangible and intangible benefits toconsumers.
  7. 7. Ready, Aim…In this specific advertisingcampaign, our target audienceis young health consciousfemales ages 18-29. This facetis comprised of a variety ofindividuals, which include, butis not limited to: collegestudents, young professionalsand young mothers.
  8. 8. What Women Want. Individuals today live incredibly busy lives,regardless of geographic location and occupation.Many times, young women ages 18-29 areextremely concerned with healthy living andhealthy eating. Young women in this age cohortare conscientious of their health, but are alsoextremely busy, and thus do not always choosethe healthiest food products. Today’s young women are always seeking outways to set themselves apart from those aroundthem. In addition, they thrive on societalapproval by pushing themselves to be the bestthey can be. They want control over health andwell being, but sometimes do not have the sparetime to devote to making the right nutritionalchoices. They need this one part of their lives tobe clear-cut and the benefits tangible.
  9. 9. Fruity Foes. Naked Juice’s primarycompetitors include OdwallaJuice, Bolthouse Farms,Hansen’s Natural. The abovejuice companies offer 100%all-natural juice drinks.
  10. 10. Life Gives You Lemons… In 2005, Naked Juice surpassed its industrycompetitor Odwalla as the leader in the super-premiumjuice market due to a rebranding campaign. In 2006,Pepsi bought Naked Juice, and thus a new brandingprocess is on the horizon as it spreads to all 50states plus Canada and the United Kingdom. NakedJuice has not traditionally been marketed on awidespread basis. The brand has relied heavily on itsshare of the market along the West Coast, and hastypically been under-marketed in the Northeast,Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic. In order to tackle this communication problem, anational Naked Juice campaign should be implementedin order to generate awareness and stimulate sales inthese regions. In addition, Naked Juice has a uniquemarketing slogan, “Nothing to Hide”; however, it needsto be further developed and built upon in order toresonate with consumers.
  11. 11. Heart & Soul.•  Focus of Sale: The focus of sale is to convince young health-conscious women ages 18-29 that by choosing Naked Juice, they can make healthy decisions that they will be proud of and eager to display.  •  Support: The support is that Naked Juice is a health-conscious company. Specifically, Naked Juice contains a pound of all-natural fruit in every bottle, which is equivalent to two of the recommended five fruit servings per day. •  Tone and Manner: The tone of the advertising should be colorful and inviting, while providing a sense of value and perspective.
  12. 12. INGREDIENTS: 1 golden kiwi, 1 banana, 2 apples, a hint of passion fruit, a hint of pineapple... Click to add Naked JuiceRadio Stations: Nothing to Hide. Workout Naked or Chill Naked Find us at:
  13. 13. Pandora Radio 60 Second Spot:•  Starts with beachy music (Nothing to Hide by Rebel Souljahz) and street sounds come in.•  Woman 1: Excuse me Miss, can I peek in your grocery bag for a minute? •  Woman 2: (A bit frazzled) Sure? (Unsure tone, confused) •  Woman 1: Here we go! Could you please read the ingredients on this granola bar wrapper for me? •  Woman 2: Sure, “Hydrogenated soybean and cotton seed oils, Sodium Bicarbonate, Caramel Color…” •  Woman 1: Do you know what any of those ingredients really are?•  Woman 2: Well, no but I got this in the health food section of the store, so it can’t be that bad? Right? Oh gosh, I should probably just put this away. •  Woman 1: Here’s something that may be a bit easier. Try this one! It’s the Gold Machine flavor of Naked Juice! •  Woman 2: Apple, Pineapple, Kiwi, and Passion fruit juice… Wait, can I have one of these? •  Woman 1: Absolutely! (Song fades in again-saying “Nothing to hide…”) Naked Juice puts one pound of 100% all natural fruit ingredients into each bottle! With ingredients like ours, there’s Nothing To Hide.
  14. 14. Pandora Radio For our broadcast, we decided to move away fromtraditional radio in favor of music streaming, the radio of thefuture. For those who are not familiar with Pandora, it is a freemusic website that generates custom radio stations after usersspecify their artist, song, or genre preferences. Due to the factthat Pandora offers free music, it generates revenue throughadvertising. Thus, we decided to create a Pandora specific advertisement,which can be accessed by computers or smartphones. For ourbusy and tech-savvy target audience, this is a perfect way tolisten to music on the go. This advertising medium is uniquebecause although it is a radio commercial, it is also visualbecause you can see the ad featured on the screen. We have also created Naked Juice specific radio stations tofit the needs and wants of our Target Audience. Young womenlisten to music mostly when working out and when relaxing, sothe naked Juice specific stations such as Workout Naked and Chillnaked fit the lifestyles of our target audience members. Also,due to the digital nature of our Pandora advertisement, consumerscan react instantly by clicking links to our website and socialmedia pages.
  15. 15. Ambient Concept As an ambient component to ourcampaign, we will put these one poundNaked Juice weights in popular fitnesscenters, accompanied by the posterssaying “One Pound To Be Proud of”,which highlight the one pound of fruit ineach bottle. By going into the gymsetting, we are immediately targetingthose who are health-conscious.
  16. 16. There’s an App for That. Naked Juice Naked
  17. 17. There’s an App for That.
  18. 18. Naked Juice Company 1,234,907 The Naked Truth 4,536 3 These girls have Nothing To Hide. ) Wow, I love Naked Juice, and these candid interviews are just great! I drink one every morning for breakfast, and it’s a great start to my workday!OverscheduledMom
  19. 19. Social Media Naked Juice currently utilizes Facebook andTwitter successfully, having many followers andinteracting with consumers every day. We wouldbuild on this by using them to publicizepromotions like the Bottle Reincarnation offer. In addition, we would create a YouTubechannel called The Naked Truth that featuresinterviews with members of our target audience,during which they are asked to spill a secret sothe have Nothing to Hide. This channel would besuccessful because after being interviewed, thatperson would want to show her friends andspread the video around. Also, the intervieweeswould receive a free Naked Juice and a NakedJuice t-shirt, which would further spread supportof the brand.
  20. 20. Superfood Sample Station “looks weird” sip, “tastes amazing” sip, “hey, ten green turbo‐ nutrients?” sip, “still looks weird”.
  21. 21. Promotion
  22. 22. Line Extension
  23. 23. Thank You!