ESL Teachers' Perceptions of Using Technology


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ESL Teachers' Perceptions of Using Technology

  1. 1. LING 8640-ALRBrandy Barter & Waleed AbdulabbasNovember 26, 2012
  2. 2. Purpose and Background Both researchers interested in CALL. Relevance to future career. Curious about current teachers beliefs about technology.
  3. 3. Research Questions1. Do novice and experienced native English speaking ESL teachers working in the United States differ in their perceptions on using technology in language teaching?2. Does the age of the ESL teachers play a role in perceptions on using technology in language teaching?
  4. 4. Key Concepts Novice teachers: Any teachers working full- time for less than 3 years. Experienced teachers: Any teachers working full-time for 3 years or more. Technology: computers, Internet, recording devices, LCD projectors, TV’s and DVD players, smart boards, tablets, E-Readers and cell phones.
  5. 5. Previous Literature TPACK and TPACK scale (Mishra & Koehler, 2006 and 2009). Experts and Novice teachers talking technology (Meskill, Mossop, DiAngelo & Pasquale 2002). Digital natives, digital immigrants (Prensky, 2001)
  6. 6. Research Design Psychometric tradition (survey research) Ex-post facto class Factorial criterion groups design
  7. 7. Participants 85 native English speaking ESL teachers currently working in the United States. Novice (N= 37) Experienced (N= 48) Age 29 and under (N= 25) Age 30 and above (N= 60)
  8. 8. Instrument Google form questionnaire with 35 Likert scale items. The Likert scale: 1-9 where 1 is Strongly Disagree and 9 is Strongly Agree. Questionnaire was sent electronically to personal email contacts, local professional organizations, and Intensive ESL centers throughout the United States.
  9. 9. Data Analyses:Descriptive statistics for Novice versus Experienced teachers
  10. 10. Data Analyses: Descriptive statistics forteachers 29 and below versus teachers 30 and above
  11. 11. Statistically Significant? Independent samples t-test: Novice versus ExperiencedExperienced teachers more commonly used E-Readers in theirteaching.
  12. 12. To Do list Run the Independent samples t-test on the age groups: 29 and under versus 30 and above. Write the Analysis and Conclusion.
  13. 13. Questions?