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Antler Tumblr guide


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Antler Tumblr guide

  1. 1. PRESENTSYOUR SUPEREASY GUIDE TOtumblr.Instructions for operation & handling
  2. 2. Tumblr is a social blogging platform that allows users to easily WHAT IS TUMBLR? share text, images, video, links, quotes, and audio by posting content to a customized short-form blog (called a tumbleblog). Similar to other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr allows users to easily find and follow other people and repost interesting content. A FEW NUMBERS Monthly Global Page-Views: 3/6/10 - 9/1/101.9B •30,000 new users a day1.6B •40 million visitors per month1.3B1.1B •Tumblr is one of the fastest growing social networks.0.8B Tumblr Blog Network: ●GLOBAL 1.8B Max: 1.8B, 9/1/10
  3. 3. Like Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr provides a social outlet toWHY USE TUMBLR extend a brand or company voice, engage with consumers and build long-term relationships with individuals important to your business. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr is an open-ended platform. It allows users full control to express their thoughts and share their content without limitations. Tumblr users can use words and multimedia, and aren’t contained within the parameters of a character limit or update box. BRAND AUDIENCE
  4. 4. Creating a Tumblr blog is simple and requires no technicalSETTING UP YOUR TUMBLR knowledge. A new user can be up and tumbling in a matter of minutes.
  5. 5. Tumblr provides an extensive, easy-to-use customization platformTHEMES including 500+ themes, all of which can be completely personalized. Most themes are free but you can buy or even design your own stylized template to create a totally branded environment.
  6. 6. Here are a few examples of how some popular brandsGET CREATIVE are already using Tumblr to grow their audience… Comedy Central Foursquare is curating content is providing advice about the comedy on how to better world at large. enjoy its product. Busted Tees Sesame Street is posting new is celebrating designs and some of their exclusive deals. classic moments.
  7. 7. GET TO KNOW THE DASHBOARDThe bar at the top of the dashboard shows all The cross in the top right corner of any Tumblrof the posting options. There are seven pre- blog allows you to start following that user.formatted blog post types: text, photos, quote, Once you are following someone, their postslink, chat, audio, and video. Once you have will automatically feed into your dashboard.found something interesting to share, select Each post will have two buttons, a heart and ayour desired format, add a comment or link reblog symbol. These allow you to post aand you’re done! specific entry to your blog, while giving credit to the original blogger.
  8. 8. Bookmarklet lets you post things from anywhere on the Web.POST ON THE GO Just drag and drop the Tumblr bookmark into the tool bar of your web browser. You can also post from your phone thanks to Tumblr’s mobile apps available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
  9. 9. Just like any other social network Tumblr can be utilized toMAKING FRIENDS connect with and engage your consumers. So spend some time thinking about how you can use Tumblr to provide value to your audience. To get the most out of your community you have to participate in the conversation. Ask questions, respond to comments and take note of what content your followers like the best. You can gain exposure by listing your Tumblr blog in the official directory. This can be done one of two ways. Either ask your followers to recommend you on Tumblr Tuesday or if you’re looking for lots of new followers, you can pay to feature your blog in the directory. By far the best way to get noticed is by sharing unique content. Followers on Tumblr can re-post your content onto their blog, spreading your message and getting your brand in front of new people via a trusted source.
  10. 10. Although Tumblr has been around since 2007, during the last year it hasHOW ARE BUSINESSES benefited from a surge in popularity thanks in part to large brands andUSING TUMBLR? companies who have joined the service. MEDIA COMPANIES Tumblr has caught the interest of a number of the major news publishers. From The New Yorker to The Huffington Post, media outlets are embracing micro-blogging as a way to: highlight graphic content, take a more conversa- tional tone, enable readers to become co-creators and spread content to a new readers. News sites like Newsweek are using Tumblr to share content that isn’t featured on their main site, while the Today Show has found that Tumblr allows them to add more personality to their online brand. CONSUMER BRANDS Tumblr provides an opportunity for brands to join in the conversations that their consumers are having and contribute useful information (which is not necessarily always about them). Clothing brand Ann Taylor Loft incorporates images of the things that inspire them as well as practical styling tips. Diaper manufacturer Huggies curates the best baby memes from the web to give parents some comic relief. For both brands Tumblr offers a new way of creating a web of influence, driving traffic and awareness, and engaging their audience.
  11. 11. Pick an area of inTeresT iNTerACT It’s important that you create Tumblr is a social network and curate content with your so remember to engage your consumer/customer in mind. readers. Follow, like or reblog 5 QUICK TIPS Definie a specific topic or to build discussions around structure that will allow your your posts and your brand. brand to establish a voice and become an influencer.UTiLize TUmBLr-FrieNdLY Mix iT uP doN’T ForgeT YoUr BrANdCoNTeNT Don’t just repost content from Although we advise againstJust like on other social media your facebook page, twitter using your Tumblr as a directsites, pictures, video and short feed, YouTube channel or blog. sales channel, it’s fine to rewardquotes are much more likely to Occasional cross posting is your readers with discounts orget shared than an essay. And fine but Tumblr should be used promotions. Build brand recogni-trust us, you want your content to display content that you tion by creating a unique theme,to be passed along! wouldn’t be able to share as customize your URL and where effectively elsewhere. possible link to your main site.
  12. 12. THANK YOU Interested in digging deeper on Tumblr? Check out this post on The Antler Blog. Want to learn how Antler can help your company make the most out of Tumblr and other social media channels, then give us a shout. Sign up for tumblr today!