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How PR Agency Waggerener Edstrom Uses Brandwatch [Case Study]


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Read this case study to learn how Waggener Edstrom used Brandwatch social monitoring & analytics. More info:

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How PR Agency Waggerener Edstrom Uses Brandwatch [Case Study]

  1. 1. Case study/Waggener EdstromWaggener EdstromUses Brandwatch to TurnInsights into ValuableOutcomes for Clients50100
  2. 2. Founded: 1983Headquarters: Seattle, WAAudience: Global BrandsIndustry: Public RelationsWebsite: www.waggeneredstrom.comServices: Communications in Traditional,Digital and Social MediaBrandwatch services: Social Media Monitoring& AnalysisThe Goal/Provide Strategic Social Media Insights for Multiple BrandsSimultaneouslyWaggener Edstrom is one of the world’s largest independent communications agencies, serving global market-leadingcompanies for 30 years. The company serves as a voice for innovators and ensures that such voice has maximum impactacross both traditional and social media. In 2012 alone, Waggener Edstrom received more than 100 awards, including PRNews’ Digital PR Firm of the Year, Bulldog Reporter’s Communications Agency of the Year, and The Holmes Report’s BestLarge Agency to Work for in 2012.Many of the agency’s awards have been in recognition of delivering outstanding client results through the use of innovative socialmedia communications techniques.“In-depth data from social media helps make us a more strategic partner to brands,” said Colin Wheeler, Senior Manager, Insightand Analytics at Waggener Edstrom. “While reacting to brands’ needs is important, we also want to provide more strategicrecommendations for clients based on consumer data that we uniquely capture and analyze.”To demonstrate its strategic prowess as the most insight-driven agency in the world, Waggener Edstrom decided to analyze asingle event’s “buzz” on Twitter and Chinese microblogging site Weibo, turning social conversations into meaningful insights for anumber of brands. That event would be the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. “This was a greatopportunity to assess the impact of communications on a global audience,” said Wheeler. “We wanted to analyze the online ‘buzz’and highlight relevant and interesting conclusions for brands.”The Challenge/Attaining Current and Historical Social Insights in aMultilingual WorldAs Waggener Edstrom began its social media monitoring around the London Olympics, it had two major requirements.First, it needed to monitor Twitter with multilingual functionality. “Global brands communicate in local languages throughout theworld, and consumers respond in their native tongues,” explained Wheeler.The firm’s second requirement was the ability to measure current and historical buzz about brands. The research team knewthat certain sets of findings might lead to new questions. As such, the social monitoring platform would need to have robustcapabilities for tracking historical conversations, allowing the team to go back in time and retrieve additional data to answerunforeseen questions.The Solution/Flexible, In-Depth Social Media Monitoring with Broad GlobalCapabilitiesBy the time the Olympics started, Waggener Edstrom had been using the Brandwatch social monitoring and analytics platform formore than a year. From that experience, they recognized that Brandwatch could delve into the social conversations taking placeworldwide around the London Games and deliver the necessary insights.The London team had gotten up to speed on how to leverage Brandwatch and was quickly able to combine its automatedcapabilities with the team’s analytical expertise. Given the team’s strong research background, all users understood the importanceof categorization rules to track specific segments of conversations around clients and programs.To yield a truly insightful set of results, the team easily applied three core pieces of Brandwatch functionality to London Gamesmonitoring: time-based data capture, multilingual tracking, and data categorization with cross-referencing. This combinationenabled the agency to deliver high-impact findings across multiple brands simultaneously (see Fig 1: infographic).Waggener Edstrom Worldwide:Turning innovation into impactKeyBenefits/Case Study / Waggener EdstromAt a Glance/• Leveraged a single global event toprovide comparative social mediainsights to multiple brands• Provided brands with “The Why”behind their social media “buzz”• Demonstrated agency’s capabilityto extract meaningful insights fromsocial media100+Awards forWaggener Edstromin 2012
  3. 3. Automated Rules,Categorization &Advanced QueriesThrough the use of advancedcategorization, Brandwatch userscan assign varying rules to differenttypes of social media brand activitiesand conversations.For example, a user can choose toisolate social media responses to specificads, events, and/or promotions and labelthem accordingly.As results poured in for each brand, theBrandwatch platform, based on specificsets of rules, automatically collated thekey data underpinning the targetanalysis. The agency team could theneasily export the data and send it to theirdesign team for maximum visual impact.The sophisticated facilities Brandwatchoffers for creating queries of ambiguousbrand terms were invaluable to the teamtoo. “There were significant challengeswith tracking some of these brands,”explained Wheeler. “For example, Acer isa relatively unique name, but Visapresented a real hurdle for us becauseevery Olympic site with a payment optionmentions Visa by name. So we tailoredsome of the brand-specific searchcriteria in Brandwatch and got our handsdirty with some manual review work.”04To achieve their specific goals,Waggener Edstrom capitalized on severalparticular strengths of Brandwatch.Case Study / Waggener Edstrom“Visa presented a real hurdlefor us because every Olympicsite with a payment optionmentions Visa by name.So we tailored some of thebrand-specific search criteria[…] and got our hands dirty withsome manual review work.”VisualizingRelevant DataThrough comparisons of socialconversation data across Twitter andWeibo*, Waggener Edstrom developedan infographic to highlight findings in away that was easily consumable bybrand leaders. In fact, the infographicenabled brands communicating duringthe Olympics to quickly recognize their:• Overall conversation volumes onTwitter and Weibo• Breakdown of share of voice amongcompeting brands• Regional differences in tone ofconversations• Reasons behind spikes inbrand-specific “buzz”• Impact of timing on branddiscussions (pre-games,mid-games, and post-games)Location Detection /Filter by Page TypesThe team used the results as ademonstration of how socialcomments vary by region and acrossdifferent social platforms.The agency uses insights like theseto help clients tailor messages andchoose appropriate channels for theircustomer audiences.02LanguageSupport“Brandwatch’s historical social mediadata tracking and coverage in 25languages was exactly what we neededto study what was happening on Twitter.While our London-based team focusedon this track of analysis, our Asia-Pacificanalyst team based in Shanghai andSingapore was reviewing Weibo activity,”said Wheeler.03Multiple Uses &Benefits of BrandwatchSocial Analysis/* Please note that Brandwatch has sinceexpanded its social media coverage to includeWeibo social conversations.01Tailor-made categorizationrules were critical intracking brand activitiesand conversations.The Results/Following the 2012 Olympics,Waggener Edstrom had the datavisualized to provide multiple brandswith unique, proactive strategicadvice. By combining social andtraditional media, the agency couldshow numerous brands theiroverall public perceptions.What further social media value canagencies offer to brands? “If you putmillions of dollars into a campaign,someone should be evaluating it andmeasuring its impact on social media.But most clients do not have time toreview detailed dashboards and arenot interested in doing so; they wantsomeone to summarize and interpretthe data, providing direction andadvice, not numbers,” stated Wheeler.“Buzz and volume are good metrics,but we need to delve deeper into theconversations that reveal the topicscustomers care about and want todiscuss. It’s that ability to readbetween the lines that will helpus spot trends early and provideclients with insights that map to theirbusiness outcomes.”
  4. 4. About/BrandwatchBrandwatch is a leading provider ofsocial media monitoring andanalytics solutions.More than 700 global brands andagencies use Brandwatch, relying on abroad range of social coverage andhighly reliable, spam-free data tomonitor online conversations. As aresult, organizations can glean insightsaround their brand interests, conductmarket research, predict markettrends, and more actively engageinfluencers, customers and prospects.A global company, Brandwatch isheadquartered in Brighton, UK and hasoffices in the United States andGermany.For more information, please visitwww.brandwatch.comWaggener EdstromWaggener Edstrom Worldwide(WE) is a global, integratedcommunications agency.For nearly 30 years the independentlyowned firm has developed strategiccommunications programs forinnovative and world-changing clients,working to influence markets, inspirepeople and improve lives.In the last few years, the agency washonored with countless awards for itscreative and strategic work; amongthem WE was recognized as GlobalTechnology Agency of the Year, BestLarge Agency to Work For,Communications Agency of the Yearand Technology Agency of theDecade.The agency has more than 850employees in 19 offices around theworld, and its Global Alliance partnersexpand the agency’s reach to morethan 80 additional internationalmarkets. WE has five global practices:Brand Strategy and Marketing,Healthcare, Public Affairs, Technologyand Social Innovation.To learn more, visit | Brandwatch Blog | Brandwatch Facebook Fan Page“Brandwatch’s historicalsocial media datatracking and coveragein 25 languages wasexactly what we needed”Colin WheelerSenior Manager, Insight and Analytics,Waggener EdstromThe Waggener Edstrom® mark, theInnovation Communications® mark, thetwendz™ mark, the WE Studio D® markand other marks used herein are registeredor unregistered trademarks of WaggenerEdstrom Worldwide Inc. in the UnitedStates and/or other countries.The names of actual companies andproducts mentioned herein may be theregistered or unregistered trademarks oftheir respective owners. Unauthorized use isstrictly prohibited.
  5. 5. Fig 1: InfographicCase Study / Waggener Edstrom