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The Future of Social Customer Care is – Effortless


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Social care is now an established part of doing business for companies that take their customers seriously. Tweet, post or message any company and you will most likely receive a response, although timeliness and effectiveness may vary. Even if many companies are not yet delivering the level of social customer service that consumers expect, they know they have to—and are working towards it. 2016 was a year of rapid change for social service. Companies struggled to deliver human service at scale as channels matured, private messaging skyrocketed, bots came to the forefront, and customer expectations increased.

In this session, Joshua March, a leading proponent of the social care industry since 2009, will discuss how:

The Customer Service Must Change: Effortless Now Means Social, Mobile Care
Social Channels have Matured: The Shift From Public Venting to Private Resolution
The Age of Automation: What Automation Will and Won’t Change for the Industry
Becoming a Corporate Leader: Taking a #SocialFirst Approach to Service

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The Future of Social Customer Care is – Effortless

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