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Social Intelligence Revolution in the Media Industry - Doing More With Social


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This session will tell the story of how Fox used audience insight gleaned from social media along with Facebook streaming to increase engagement, positivity and brand attribution with their new show, OUTCAST.

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Social Intelligence Revolution in the Media Industry - Doing More With Social

  1. 1. SocialIntelligenceRevolutionintheMediaIndustry © FOX Networks Group. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Consumershavemorechoicethanever… GothamUltra GothamLight
  3. 3. 136shows 409shows 500+shows 2016 = 5 months continuous viewing 20152000
  4. 4. “It used to be that a show scheduled at 10 pm competed against everything else at 10 pm. Now it competes against everything else ever made.” John Landgraf, FX
  5. 5. CreatingEventTV GothamUltra GothamLight
  6. 6. 2016 Scheduled TV On-demand TV
  8. 8. Outcast Facebook Live Media 1st Added value to fans Branded Environment TV as a shared experience
  9. 9. Outcast Brandwatch Aggregate data for key EU social accounts Deeper audience insightsQualitative conversation Differences across our social sites
  10. 10. Outcast Results Bring new fans to FOX FB page Positive engagement with show and channel Understand social the audience Drive engagement with Outcast content On the day of the stream the UK page saw almost double the page likes from the previous day A 320% uplift in positive comments on the UK page, and drove strong brand appreciation, with many fans thanking the channel for the initiative Able to segment the type of individuals who were sharing/commenting around the live premiere on Twitter and the different types of conversations happening on Facebook The stream drove a peak in conversation volume during the tracking period. To date it still remains the 4th most engaged with piece of content on the FOX UK FB page, after TWD posts
  11. 11. Outcast Insights Qual  What was driving conversation: Which areas to capitalise on during the subsequent social campaign  Market differences: Which parts of the campaign/episode resonated better with some markets than others  Conversation around characters: e.g., Philip Glenister very popular in the UK  Potential barriers to not watching Qual  Driving emotional connection with FOX as a channel  Using FB Live to create buzz around the linear TX Quant  Pushing the audience to FOX social pages, and at a specific time  Making the different social platforms work for the various campaign objectives Quant  Season 2 influencers  Which content working/not working with the social audience  Twitter audience segments
  12. 12. THANK YOU