Optimizing Marketing Campaigns at mycleveragency


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Read this case study to learn how mycleveragency used Brandwatch social monitoring & analytics to glean the most social insights possible about their current clients, potential clients and competitors.
More info: http://bit.ly/1coK4QN

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Optimizing Marketing Campaigns at mycleveragency

  1. 1. Case Study/ mycleveragency An agency that stays two steps ahead with impressive insights and real-time marketing.
  2. 2. Case Study/ mycleveragency The Goal/ To Get Smarter, Faster. mycleveragency is a unique and independent digital brand-building agency that teams up with companies to leverage all forms of the social web. Agency professionals eat, drink and sleep social media both at work and at play, placing themselves squarely in the category of “social geeks.” They work extremely smart on social, leveraging the most socially clued up professionals and the best tools available to generate conversations, stimulate word of mouth and build relationships on behalf of their consumer brand clients. To improve business results, mycleveragency wanted to glean the most social insights possible about its current clients, prospective clients, and even its competitors. Agency leaders felt that gaining broader and deeper social insights in these areas would help them achieve three critical goals: At a Glance/ 1. Get an earlier jump on sales leads. 2. Improve the agency’s pitch success rate. 3. Obtain more sales leads and conversions during client campaigns. The Challenge/ Gather Masses of Data and Deliver Pinpointed Findings. To reach its goals, mycleveragency wanted to understand the broadest spectrum of consumer sentiment possible. “This meant getting a handle on consumers’ current and historical sentiments toward brands and their various campaigns,” said Tim Grimes, Strategy Manager at mycleveragency. Client: mycleveragency ltd Optimizing Marketing Campaigns to Win More Business Key Founded: 2009 • Vastly improved consumer insights among social and other online groups Headquarters: London, England • Captured unique trend data and conversations to demonstrate thought leadership • Complex and multi-layer queries to uncover valuable trends and nuances among different consumer segments. • An easy-to-understand dashboard to allow any team member to deliver social insights. • Streamlined reporting and charting to elevate key findings quickly and easily. Audience: Consumer Brands The team was certain that an investment in the right platform would enable the agency to develop custom reports, data visualizations and other data pieces to demonstrate mycleveragency’s social media thought leadership and marketing campaign acumen. Industry: Social Media Research • Won new clients and improved campaign success via demonstrated social insights Website: www.mycleveragency.com Services: Social Media Strategy, Social Marketing, Community Management and Social Thought Leadership Brandwatch services: Social Media Monitoring, Social Analytics and Channels Grimes added, “We wanted to slice and dice data from as many sites as possible with complex queries that uncover the real golden nuggets that inform client strategies.” However, Grimes knew that big data searches and analysis would overwhelm agency teams. He quickly recognized the need for a better social media monitoring and analytics platform than the agency had been using. mycleveragency had tried several different social media tools, but none provided the broad reach and detailed analysis the agency required. As they searched for a new social platform, mycleveragency focused on a list of critical requirements: The Solution/ High Relevance Across the Broadest Spectrum of Social Channels. After evaluating several vendors, mycleveragency chose the Brandwatch Analytics platform. mycleveragency utilized Brandwatch to win global accounts across 13 countries in 2013 “Even though the dashboard makes the platform look simple, it goes way beyond basic searches and lets us manage several different query strings in one,” said Grimes. “Together with the quick-hit reporting and charts, Brandwatch’s versatility moves us to the forefront of social media monitoring with ease.”
  3. 3. 05 Case Study/ mycleveragency Six High Value Uses and Agency Transformed into a Sales Machine The agency has found the platform invaluable for improving its own lead generation efforts. “Query strings set up in Brandwatch let us monitor conversations about brands and users looking for our services,” said Grimes. Once the team spots a qualified brand lead, they monitor how that brand and its competitors are perceived throughout the online world. With a deeper understanding of the various online communities, they tailor a custom pitch that resonates with both the brand advocates and the wider audience. “We’ve won quite a few deals by walking into a first meeting with a brand and knowing more about their audience than they do,” said Grimes. The versatile Brandwatch platform gave mycleveragency the agility to improve its business and the campaign performance of its clients. 01 Better Understand and Respond to Consumers mycleveragency obtains more consumer perspectives and issues than ever before on behalf of its brand clients. One such client is Gumtree, the UK’s number one classifieds site, which boasts approximately 14 million monthly visitors and 34,000 new ads each day. “To track consumer issues and sentiment for such a broad-based customer requires the refined and complex search capabilities of Brandwatch Analytics,” said Grimes. “The boom in social media isn’t over, and there are always brands looking for a new agency every day.” – Tim Grimes Grimes continued, “We can monitor all relevant social data and specific conversations from one place and control potentially damaging issues before they escalate into something more severe.” 02 Capture Conversation Proof Points to Gauge Campaign Success mycleveragency captures specific conversations from the same dashboard that provides other Brandwatch functionality. “When we superimpose actual conversations over our trend data, we can monitor some of the biggest campaigns to understand how a community has reacted and whether this is something we can take learnings from,” said Grimes. 03 Helping Prospects and Clients Visualize Campaign Results The agency finds data visualization to be a compelling tool for demonstrating campaign effectiveness. “When it comes to engaging prospects, we can blow their socks off with Brandwatch-driven custom reports. We feed them to our design team to create smart, beautiful and insightful content for prospective and existing clients,” said Grimes. 04 Creating Content From Trend Data mycleveragency creates their own “data pieces” and monitors trends within the industry to help develop cutting edge articles and gain recognition as thought leaders. This is made possible by using the Brandwatch platform to monitor and analyze conversations in 25+ languages from 70 million social media sources. These include blogs, communities, forums and international sites such as Sina Weibo and Renren. “Sometimes we’ll need to dig around in the archives to tap into more than 500 million conversations across the social web,” explained Grimes. “The Brandwatch platform discovers meaningful conversations around our clients with filters including keywords, location and language,” he added. In the process of monitoring and analyzing consumers during a campaign, the agency scans conversations and sentiments for specific sales opportunities on behalf of the brands. “With all our clients, helping increase sales leads and conversions is one of our core KPIs,” said Grimes. Going back to the Gumtree example, the agency monitored the automotive ad category as a key focus for classifieds directory. By listening to conversations – not just across social sites but also in forums – the team gained knowledge of users’ most discussed topics. “It also allows us to reply to appropriate users where needed,” said Grimes. 06 ‘Real-time Marketing’ mycleveragency can now report and track campaign success in real time and participate in events and conversations as they occur. This enables the agency and its clients to deliver the right content to the right online users at the optimal stage of the consumer lifecycle. “Using real-time marketing, we reach consumers who wouldn’t have previously approached the brand. That alone is worth the Brandwatch investment,” said Grimes.
  4. 4. “ Brandwatch has allowed us as an agency to help service clients beyond expectation as well as being instrumental in the research stage of the pitching process for new business - the detailed insights helped us to gain a greater understanding of potential clients.“ Rob McNair MD, mycleveragency mycleveragency Brandwatch mycleveragency is a global social media agency. Brandwatch is a leading provider of social media monitoring and analytics solutions. They build relationships and conversations between brands, customers and their friends. The agency has clients across industries and includes Nikon, Bench Clothing, schuh, Visit England, Curvy Kate & Gumtree. For more information, please visit http://www.mycleveragency.com More than 700 global brands and agencies use Brandwatch, relying on a broad range of social coverage and highly reliable, spam-free data to monitor online conversations. As a result, organizations can glean insights around their brand interests, conduct market research, predict market trends, and more actively engage influencers, customers and prospects. A global company, Brandwatch is headquartered in Brighton, UK and has offices in the United States and Germany. For more information, please visit www.brandwatch.com @brandwatch | Brandwatch Blog | Brandwatch Facebook Page