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From the spreadsheet to the front page of Reddit: Turn your data into killer content


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There’s no better feeling than when a piece of content goes viral for the right reasons, and the Brandwatch React team is no stranger to it. Telling stories with insights generated in the Brandwatch platform every day, the team has tackled topics from Game of Thrones to Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner ad and many, many more. Join Brandwatch React to learn about extracting shareable golden nuggets of insight, telling compelling stories with numbers, presenting data in an accessible way, and hitting the front page of the internet in the process.

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From the spreadsheet to the front page of Reddit: Turn your data into killer content

  1. 1. NOW YOU KNOW | BRANDWATCH.COM #NYKCON F From the spreadsheet to the front page of Reddit Turn your data into killer content
  2. 2. #NYKCON F What is Reddit?
  3. 3. #NYKCON F
  4. 4. #NYKCON F
  5. 5. #NYKCON F
  6. 6. #NYKCON F
  7. 7. #NYKCON F
  8. 8. #NYKCON F
  9. 9. #NYKCON F
  10. 10. #NYKCON F Submission Title Source Image Preview Submitter Vote Tally Flair
  11. 11. #NYKCON F 542mmonthly visitors Why should you care about Reddit? 9th most visited website Opento everyone
  12. 12. #NYKCON F How We Do It
  13. 13. #NYKCON F
  14. 14. #NYKCON F • What’s in the news? • What are people talking about? • What can you add? • Who are you targeting? • What can you talk about with authority? Step One: Choosing a Story
  15. 15. #NYKCON F Step Two: Collect Your Data • Brandwatch Platform • Proprietary data • Surveys • Open Data
  16. 16. #NYKCON F
  17. 17. #NYKCON F
  18. 18. #NYKCON F
  19. 19. #NYKCON F • Trends • Demographics • Sentiment • Related Topics • Unexpected Insights Step Three: Find Your Unique Angle
  20. 20. #NYKCON F Step Four: Create Content • Give context • Embed social posts • Create data visualisations • Tell the story
  21. 21. #NYKCON F Data Visualisation Tools
  22. 22. #NYKCON F The Mario Angle
  23. 23. #NYKCON F The Reddit Submission
  24. 24. #NYKCON F The Results
  25. 25. #NYKCON F 236kunique pageviews What can Mario’s nipples get you? 966social shares 4pieces of press coverage
  26. 26. #NYKCON F Takeaways • Use Reddit properly • Find the right story • Bring in something new • Create decent content
  27. 27. #NYKCON F Joshua Boyd Blog and Community Manager, Brandwatch
  28. 28. #NYKCON F Now You Know