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Creating a Social Enterprise: Segmentation’s Critical Role in Uncovering Social Insights


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Insights don’t happen on accident – they’re the process of thoughtful segmentation, designed to answer complex business questions.

At Dell, they have created a business-first approach to uncovering critical insights for customers through social data, which drives change across the entire enterprise.

Amy Barker, Head of Analytics at Brandwatch and Lizz Martinez, Senior Analysts at Dell Digital Business Services, discuss how segmentation leads to more data-driven decision making, how Dell is using insights from social data as a foundation element for building a comprehensive strategy for their clients, and how you can apply segmentation strategies at your company.

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Creating a Social Enterprise: Segmentation’s Critical Role in Uncovering Social Insights

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  7. 7. Lizz Martinez| Sr.Analyst|Dell DigitalBusiness Services Segmentation’s Critical Role in Uncovering Insightsfrom Social Data
  8. 8. 8 Dell - Restricted - Confidential A Little about Me… • Native Chicagoan… • Who escaped the winters and now lives in Austin • Baseball enthusiast (Go Cubs!) • Pug mom • Lover of all things spicy
  9. 9. SocialMediaServices Dell Digital Business Services
  10. 10. SocialMediaServices A BriefHistory
  11. 11. SocialMediaServices 10 year history of social media excellence at Dell August2006 Blogoutreach expanded beyond tech Support March 2008 Accepted Solutionslaunched on Community DellFrancebeginsonlinecommunity outreach December 2006 Ratings and reviews launchedon July2006 Direct2Dell launched TodayDirect2Dellexists inEnglish,Spanish, Norwegian,JapaneseandChinese. February2006 Michael Dellasks Why don’twereachout andhelpbloggerswithtech support issues? February2007 IdeaStorm launched Avoting-basedsite allowing customers andothers to submit ideasfor Dell June2007 Dell joinsTwitter Sells millions in the first year October 2007 CommunityVIP program launched Delllaunchesrecognitionprogramforourmost activecommunitymembers,withprivategroups andescalatedaccess June2006 Dell TechCenter launched March 2010 Dell joinsSina WeiboinChina March 2012 Dell and Red Cross launch Digital Operations Center Dell solutions provide the Red Cross with innovative ways to help Americansimpacted by disaster August2010 Social Media & CommunityUniversity(SMaC U) launched 5,000teammembers trainedbyendof year June2010 CAP Days launchedIn-person events for vocalonline customers December 2010 Social Media ListeningCommand Center launched June2007 EmployeeStorm launched IdeaStorm foremployees August2009 Swarm Canada launches Groupbuyingprogramgoeslivein Canada May 2009 Swarm launches Groupbuyingprogramgoeslive,in Singapore Feb 2009 Social Innovation Competition Built onIdeaStorm rewardingglobal socialinnovation July 2011 Michael Delljoins Google+ Jumps to#50infollowers,holds firstDellHangout July 2010 Michael Dellon Dell Chatter Rollsout companywide July 2011 Dell launchesglobal G+ site Feb 2012 Dell joinsPinterest October 2012 Dell launchesSubject Matter Expert social media program January 2013 Dell LaunchesSocial Net Advocacy Real-timesocialsentiment tool December 2012 Dell launchesSocial Media ServicesGroup January 2011 ThinkTank program launched October 2011 Dell launchesphase two of VIP program Brings enhancedadvocacy relationshiptoourmost passionate community members October 2009 Dell joinsRenren September 2008 Dell launchesYammer First enterprise social network October 2009 SMaC organizationlaunched Cross-functionalcentralorganization January2010 Social OutreachServices team formed @DellCareslaunchedthreemonths later 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 20132012 March 2014 1000th Milestone SocialMediaCommand Centertours reached1,000withslightly>50% beingexternalvisitors 2014 August2013 Dell launchesInternalSocial Media ExecutiveProgram November2014 $1 Millionth Milestone DellSocialMediaServiceslandsitsfirst contracttoexceed$1M
  12. 12. SocialMediaServices Social Listeningand InsightsServices How Dell Services can help • Analyze customer conversations in social media toderive actionable insights • Predict business outcomes by leveraging social data • Visualize social insights for quick decision making • Integrate social with internal business processes • Enable personalized engagement with yourcustomers • Ensure social media efforts areproducing desired results • HowcanI understandcustomersentiment? • Howdo I measureROI? • I needtoincreasecustomerengagement • I needrealtimealertsoncriticalcustomerand competitive issues Listening & Insights SocialMeasurement Voice of Customer Command Center • Historical Listening • Active Listening • Real-time Listening • On-demand Listening • Social Measurement Framework • Attribution Process • Governance • Fully Automated Dashboards • Automated Insights • Integration of text data • Social hub • Predictive Models • End-to end consultation on design of physical space & screens, data utilization and team involvement
  13. 13. SocialMediaServices How Delluses social media: 69% y/y sales increase via social media at Dell Product development 18,000 newcustomer ideas Marketing 183% increasein trafficto Talent acquisition 40,000 fans for theAmericas CareersatDell Facebook Sales 69% year-over-yearsales increase viasocial media Customer service 98% first-time resolutionrateon approx. 4,000 issues/week Communications 45% year-over-yearinfluencer coverage increase at Dell events
  14. 14. 14 Confidential Services Dell - Restricted - Confidential Comprehensive Digital portfolio Mobility & UX • Social Insights & Analytics • Digital marketing • CRM • Advanced analytics • Social intelligence • ECM/e Commerce • Omni -channel • Mobility app development • User experience • Customer Journey mapping • Cloud Integration • Cloud Migration,Cloud App Dev and Managed Services • Customer facing Webapps • Digital API • Business Intelligence • Big Data • Information management • Enterprise / Financial Performance Management Digital Application Developmen t BI and Information Mgmt • Digital Process Orchestration(BPM) • Internet of Things Digital process orchestration & IoT Customer Engagement Digital Business Consulting • Digital Transformation Consulting • High speed IT Advanced Analytics & Omni commerce
  15. 15. 15 Confidential Services Dell - Restricted - Confidential These are not the insights you’re looking for Insights!
  16. 16. Dell Services• Dell -InternalUse -Confidential Basic Approach Insights that are truly actionable are seldom if ever found at the surface. Turning social data into intelligence is the result of well thought out, intentional segmentation. Each of our engagements are rooted in a set of key business questions, assumptions or target outcomes that will drive each program. Because business problems are different across industry verticals and use cases, our engagements are highly customized. Why Clients Choose Us • Well-defined target outcomes • Specific business questions/problems defined • Ability to feed data into marketing stack to drive campaigns and personalization • Highly accurate and relevant datasets • Well-engineered data segmentations • Repeatable insights reporting and analysis/scoring of key metrics and development of custom KPIs • Proprietary customer 360 mapping framework
  17. 17. Dell Services• Dell -InternalUse -Confidential Let’s Start with a Business Question… “What are some ofthe key factors that drive laptop purchases for collegestudents when price is the main consideration point?
  18. 18. Dell Services• Dell -InternalUse -Confidential First, how do we define what’s actionable? • Ability to initiate a change • Improve a process • Expose a unique or competitive position • Relevant acrossthe business • Not a vanity metric ortop-level KPI
  19. 19. 19 ServicesRoom for text Answering the business question requires thoughtful segmentation Consideration + unbranded College Students IT Decision Makers RetireesMillennials Purchase Intent Recommend Switching Price Quality Performance Durability Speed Value 2nd Level Audience 1st Level “N Value” 3rd Level Purchase path 4th Level Purchase Drivers
  20. 20. 20 Dell - Restricted - Confidential These are not the insights you’re looking for
  21. 21. 21 Dell - Restricted - Confidential We’re headed in the right directionWe’re headed in the right direction
  22. 22. 22 Dell - Restricted - Confidential These are not the insights you’re looking for Are we there yet?Almost there!
  23. 23. 23 Dell - Restricted - Confidential These are not the insights you’re looking for Are we there yet? We’ve Arrived Insights! Insights!
  24. 24. 24 Dell - Restricted - Confidential These are not the insights you’re looking for
  25. 25. 25 Dell - Restricted - Confidential
  26. 26. SocialMediaServices Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  27. 27. SocialMediaServices Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet But to buildthe socialenterprise, where social data is leveraged across multiple parts of the business, you must have the proper level of segmentation.
  28. 28. SocialMediaServices Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet And it is this process that enables Dell Services to deliver critical insights to our customers within custom frameworks.
  29. 29. SocialMediaServices Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet But most importantly, what does it mean for our customers? • More data-driven decision making • Ability to scale social data acrossthe enterprise • Early indication ofbehavioral shifts • Augmentstraditional marketresearch • Drives personalization within marketing technology stack • Integrate social with enterprisedata for customer360 view
  30. 30. SocialMediaServices Thank You
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  38. 38. 38 #brandwatchtips © 2016 Diving Deeper Custom segmentation to answer the questions that are specific to your business
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