Logo Design: How to Design a Logo


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A do-it-yourself logo design guide for non-designers, this short presentation will help you think through the ideas behind creating a logo—and will introduce you to an online tool that practically does the work for you. Check it out.

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Logo Design: How to Design a Logo

  1. 1. HOW TO DESIGN A LOGO A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Non-Designers
  2. 2. What is a brand? A brand is the promise or expectations associated with your product or service in your customer’s mind. An effective brand helps your product get noticed, liked, and remembered.
  3. 3. Your logo is not your brand.
  4. 4. Your brand is: Trade Shows Website Business Cards Newsletter Signage Store Invoices Emails Employees Word of Mouth User Experience Public Relations Look and Feel Advertising Logo Voice Mail Services Billboard Product Uniforms Letter Head Packaging
  5. 5. While important, your logo simply represents the collective experience your customer has with all these brand “touch points”. “A logo is the point of entry to the brand.” —Milton Glaser, Designer
  6. 6. Before you design your logo, you need to understand what your brand represents. Luxury Dependability Creativity, Fun
  7. 7. Before you design your logo, you need to understand what your brand represents. Luxury Dependability Creativity, Fun
  8. 8. “Brands help consumers cut through the proliferation of choices available in every product and service category.” —Scott M. Davis, Brand Asset Management
  9. 9. Once you understand your brand… Think about images, colors and styles that might represent the ideas your brand stands for.
  10. 10. A few examples McDonald’s sells hamburgers and other fast foods. Notice that their logo doesn’t include any food items. The golden arches are bright and friendly. They have come to represent quality and consistency—and fast food.
  11. 11. A few examples that stands for stability and growth. They use a bull as their icon, which represents strength, growth, and a rising market.
  12. 12. A few examples Nike sells shoes and other sporting goods. However, their logo doesn’t include shoes or sports equipment. Instead, the Nike Swoosh is a stylized wing, representing speed and victory—two brand ideas that Nike is associated with.
  13. 13. Incidentally… saw the swoosh logo he said: “Well I don’t love it, but maybe it will grow on me.”
  14. 14. Types of icons Abstract Emblems Logotype Characters Combination Hidden Sprint, BP Tivo, Mini IBM, Disney Energizer, Michellin Man Amazon.com, Starbucks FedEx, Toblerone
  15. 15. What images or icons can be associated with your brand?
  16. 16. What about fonts? Like icons, the fonts in a logo communicate different things. Friendly, approachable Creativity and fun Trust Natural, non-authoritarian
  17. 17. What ideas should the font used for your brand represent?
  18. 18. What about colors? Blue Tradition, safety, calm, loyalty Green Healthy, natural, growth, freshness, money Yellow Happiness, fun, energy Brown Responsibility, security, home Orange Enthusiasm, creativity, action Red Strength, power, passion, danger, wrath Purple Royalty, power, wealth, mystery, magic Black Elegance, formality, wealth, power, evil White Purity, innocence, faith
  19. 19. What colors best represent the ideals your brand represents?
  20. 20. Now you’re ready to put it all together
  21. 21. Wait... Should I hire a designer or do it myself?
  22. 22. Hire a designer if... You’ve thought about your brand and you still have no clue what to do. You need more ideas. You’re willing to take advice from a designer. You’ve tried to do it yourself and failed.
  23. 23. Do it yourself if... You You You You don’t have much money to spend. just need a logo to get started. have an idea for your logo already. need a logo fast and can’t wait for a designer to think about it for days.
  24. 24. Logomaker.com Start now
  25. 25. Logomaker.com Click the “Try It Now” button
  26. 26. Logomaker.com Choose an icon
  27. 27. Logomaker.com Enter your text and choose a font
  28. 28. Logomaker.com Change the colors
  29. 29. Logomaker.com Arrange your logo and save
  30. 30. Logomaker.com It’s that easy
  31. 31. Want to learn more? Start your own logo now Go to the Logomaker blog Download the free “How To” ebook Learn more about how to design your logo